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Surface your top-requested feature ideas and see the user insights that inspired them.

With Productboard and Typeform, beautiful forms meet Product Excellence. Typeform has published a new Productboard app that product teams can use to collect insights from colleagues and customers.

The app makes it easy to funnel customer survey results to the product team — such as quarterly surveys or churn reports managed by customer success, or loss analysis compiled by marketing or sales. These often provide invaluable feedback on pain points, product gaps, and dealbreakers that contribute to customer churn.

Typeform can also be used to provide structure to feature requests submitted by colleagues. Product teams can set up forms to intake these requests, requiring colleages to provide additional context such as underlying need, the importance of the request, and additional information on the type of customer making the request.

One more popular use for Typeform by product managers is to survey users for more information on needs they’ve expressed in the past, or to validate that the product team has designed a new feature in the optimal way. This information too can now be captured in Productboard.

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Build your own integration with the Productboard Notes API

The Typeform integration was built on the Productboard Notes API. The API allows you to capture product ideas, requests, and feedback from any source and import them as notes on your Insights board. Build an integration for your own use or partner with us to build something for the broader product community.