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Customer Feedback & Insights Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Customer insights repository
Consolidate all product feedback and user research into a single searchable and filterable repository. Categorize user insights by user need or feature idea to inform every product decision.
50 Notes 250 Notes Unlimited Unlimited
Product Portal
Interactive interface you can share with colleagues and customers to collect feedback on ideas under consideration, what’s planned, and what’s been launched — as well as source new feature requests.
1 1 1 3+
Export list of feature requesters
Export the email addresses of all users who provided feedback that's been linked to a given feature idea.
Portal moderation
Settings to manage how colleagues and customers interact with your product Portals, including the ability to control viewing access, hide vote counts to avoid biasing users, disable conversations on ideas, or turn off new idea submission.
Custom voting questions & scale
Customize the content of voting questions as well as the response scales you use when eliciting feedback on roadmaps, features, or product ideas.
Embedded Portal
Embed your Portal via html snippets into other web applications (e.g., website, Notion, Salesforce).
Portal SSO
Automatically verify users' identities by authenticating them via SSO on portals embedded in your application.
Roadmaps Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Timeline & column-based roadmaps
Create objectives with corresponding key results to communicate high-level strategy across your organization. Link features with objectives and use customizable scoring frameworks to prioritize how important a given feature is in support of the objective.
1 1 10 Unlimited
Customizable roadmap templates
Create custom templates for visualizing roadmaps that can be leveraged across your organization.
Release planning
Plan releases to represent what features will be released to production, launched to customers, or worked on together.
Password protected roadmaps shared by link
Optionally add password protection to roadmaps that has been shared by link.
Multiple release groups
Use release groups to manage multiple “release trains” or a set of releases used for coordinating a given team’s work and determining when it will go live.
Create initiatives to represent larger units of work that consist of multiple features or releases.
AI Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Price $20/maker/month $20/maker/month
AI sentiment analysis
Leverage AI to automatically categorize customer feedback into positive versus negative sentiment.
Included with
Included with
AI feedback notes summaries
Leverage AI to generate summaries of lengthy customer feedback notes in order to save time without missing key points.
Included with
Included with
AI trending feedback topics & summaries
Leverage AI to identify trending topics in customer feedback, understand what customers are saying about those topics, and monitor those trends over time.
Included with
Included with
AI-generated product specs
Insert AI-generated summaries of customer needs into each feature’s description field, based on the user insights linked to that feature.
Included with
Included with
AI discovery of related feedback
Leverage AI to find all of the relevant customer feedback for a specific feature or idea to accelerate categorization.
Included with
Prioritization & Planning Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Feature list backlog import
Directly import or copy/paste feature backlogs into Productboard via CSV or XLS.
Feature idea hierarchy
Organize feature ideas in a flexible hierarchy, a customizable folder-like structure that helps keep your backlog manageable.
Drivers & prioritization criteria
Pre-defined criteria that can be used to prioritize a feature backlog.
1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Prioritization matrix
Drag-and-drop your feature ideas on a double-axis prioritization matrix visualization, which you can use to visualize feature value vs. effort in order to decide on a final priority value.
Advanced drivers, prioritization criteria, and custom formulas
Create custom-weighted prioritization scores or fully custom formulas. Prioritize ideas with popular frameworks like RICE, ROI, or WSJF.
Dependency tracking
Track and visualize dependencies between features to plan effectively and avoid costly delays.
Customizable feature statuses
Control the naming conventions, color scales, and visibility of feature statuses across roadmap and feature boards.
Custom fields
Capture additional data to support prioritization and planning, assign ownership to colleagues, or link to related resources.
Sort feature ideas by business impact
Productboard helps you assess the business value for each feature idea by calculating the total ARR, MRR, paid seats etc. for all customer companies that have requested it. Any numerical company field imported from your CRM can be aggregated in this way.
Monitoring & Product Success Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Task tracking
Track key tasks to be completed for each feature as they progress toward delivery and launch.
Feature status & risk tracking
Track feature progress and identify potential delays and blockers early by allowing makers to submit "health" updates (on track, at risk, off track) alongside a written explanation.
Manual customer segments
Manually select companies or users to create custom segments and track aggregated needs of the segment (e.g., monitor the aggregated User Impact Score for SMB or Mid-Market customers).
Dynamic customer segments
Dynamically create segments by selecting company, user, or usage properties (e.g., employee size, industry, product data) to track aggregated needs of the segment (e.g., monitor the aggregated User Impact Score for Insurance customers).
Collaboration & Sharing Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Contributors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Viewers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Create teamspaces that colleagues can join to access and collaborate on organized collections of boards relevant to a certain team.
1 1 3 Unlimited
Insights & conversations on roadmaps, features, & ideas
Allow stakeholders to discuss and share feedback directly on your roadmaps, features, or product ideas
Customizable board editing and sharing settings
Control which individuals and/or teams can edit, share, and/or access a specific board.
Lock boards
The owner of a board (Insights, Features, or Roadmap) can optionally lock it to prevent others from editing or sharing it.
Notify idea & feedback contributors
When contributors submit feedback, Productboard notifies them when their feedback is acted upon and when related feature ideas progress from one status to the next.
Fully whitelabeled shared content
Remove the Productboard logo from internally or externally shared roadmap, feature, or idea boards and replace the default shared URL domain name with a custom one.
Reporting Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Usage reports
Monitor feedback volume and processing, roadmap consumption statistics, and Productboard usage across your organization.
Trended usage reports
View trended volumes of makers, features, and insights.
Efficiency reports
Report on how quickly features are progressing through the development cycle and identify bottlenecks to improve your processes. Displays longitudinal views of key metrics, such as number of completed features, median time to complete a feature, and time spent in each development phase.
Allocation reports
Report on how your organization is investing its resources to ensure that what the work teams are doing aligns with the most important objectives to advance your strategy. Displays how effort is getting allocated, by product, objective, theme, team, or some other custom category, within a given time period.
Customer Success & Support Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Productboard Community
Exclusive access to online communities, events, mentorship, and workshops where you can connect with other productmakers, learn best practices, and share ideas.
Email support
Customer support via email, Monday through Friday during business hours.
Prioritized email support
Prioritized customer support via email, Monday through Friday during business hours.
Onboarding support
Personalized onboarding architectural support to ensure the product management software is deployed effectively in your organization.
Named CSM
Dedicated customer success manager to provide best practices, conduct quarterly QBRs, and ensure that you're maximizing value from the product.
Professional services support
Personalized services and support to maximize Productboard's value. Example services include audit, analysis, development, and optimization of workflows and processes, implementation and customized training services/delivery, integration/API assistance, change management assistance, and data migration assistance.
Security & Privacy Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Google App sign-in
Allow colleagues immediate, secure access to Productboard using Google Apps SSO.
Personal Teamspace
Personal space to store all of the boards (e.g., feature lists, roadmaps) relevant for an individual workspace member.
Control application access across your organization and define authentication policies for increased security and governance.
Google SSO enforcement
Require workspace members to log in using their Google Apps username & password.
SCIM user provisioning
Manage and automate user provisioning and identities at scale.
Multiple workspaces
Provides access to multiple, separate environments of the application. Can be used to manage different corporate subsidiaries or create a staging environment.
IP address whitelisting
Only allow application access from specific IP address ranges.
Audit logs
Export workspace audit logs via CSV.
Custom Terms of Service for Portal
Custom terms users must acknowledge when viewing your company's public Portal.
Integrations & Automations Starter Essentials Pro Enterprise
Insights automation
Create rule-based automations to automatically tag incoming customer feedback or route it to the right colleague for review.
2 rules 10 rules
Jira integration
Push prioritized features into delivery in Jira with a flexible two-way integration that lets you monitor delivery progress in Productboard while syncing key data across both systems.
1 1 5
Azure DevOps integration
Push prioritized features into delivery in Azure DevOps with a flexible two-way integration that lets you monitor delivery progress in Productboard while syncing key data across both systems.
1 1 5
On-prem Jira or Azure DevOps integration
Connect with on-premise/self-managed instances of Jira and Azure DevOps.
API access
Pull in product ideas, requests, and feedback from any source (e.g., surveys, CRM system, online reviews). Push roadmap/feature updates into any delivery planning tool.
CRM CSV importer
Import accounts as customer companies to define segments based on attributes like spend or industry. Having customers pre-loaded into the system also facilitates attribution of feedback.
Salesforce integration
Import requests/feedback left on opportunities in Salesforce and see total opportunity value ($) of each feature idea. Sync account data to define dynamic customer segments based on customer attributes.
Product usage integrations
(e.g., Amplitude & Mixpanel)
Import cohorts defined around product usage as user segments to see what matters most to your target customers.
Embedded collaborative media
(e.g., Figma, Miro, Mural)
Auto-embed live content in Productboard to keep teams in sync and maintain a single source of truth for all product initiatives.
Email integration
Automatically forward emails containing product feedback into Productboard's Insights repository. Categorize user insights by user need or feature idea so they're on hand to inform every product decision.
Chrome extension
Jot ideas and feedback on the fly, or highlight text from any webpage or web app to immediately capture it in Productboard.
Workplace collaboration
(Slack, Microsoft Teams)
Push messages containing product feedback into Productboard, highlight the most important insights and link them to related feature ideas, and use those insights to prioritize the right features to work on next.
Customer feedback integrations
(e.g., Zendesk, Gainsight PX)
Consolidate all product ideas, requests, and feedback from colleagues and customers into a single, searchable repository. Categorize user insights by user need or feature idea so they're on hand to inform every product decision.
Project management integrations
(e.g., Trello, PivotalTracker)
Ensure that your engineering team can continue managing their development pipeline in their project management tool while product managers enjoy the flexibility of Productboard for understanding user needs, prioritizing what to build next, and rallying everyone around the roadmap.

What are our user roles?

Makers have full access to edit, update, add, create and prioritize feature ideas, insights, and roadmaps. You only pay for the number of makers in your account. You always get unlimited, free contributors and viewers.

Contributors can share ideas, requests, and customer feedback and access feature data and roadmaps.

Viewers can only see the Roadmap.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work? Do I need a credit card to try Productboard?

You can sign up for a free trial for free, no credit card needed. Once your trial ends, you can use our Starter plan for free or purchase one of our paid plans to continue using Productboard.

How do I purchase? What forms of payment do you accept - credit card and/or invoicing?

You can buy our Essentials and Pro plans through Productboard’s billing page using all major credit cards. To purchase the Enterprise plan and get set up on invoicing, please contact our sales team.

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See how Productboard can help you

Let us know how to contact you and we'll have a Productboard expert follow up.

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What are the different roles and their associated access? Which roles do I pay for?

Customers pay for the number of makers using Productboard. A maker has full access to edit, update, add, create and prioritize feature ideas, feedback notes, and roadmaps. Makers with admin access can also manage members, integrations, settings, and billing.

Every Productboard plan also includes unlimited contributor and viewer roles. Contributors can share ideas, requests, and customer feedback and access feature data and roadmaps, but cannot make updates. Viewers can only see the Roadmap (and the Portal if shared with them). They cannot add or make updates to Productboard.

How does onboarding work?

We designed Productboard’s trial onboarding experience to guide you through the most useful workflows and frequently used roadmaps, boards, and prioritization frameworks.

In addition, we offer dedicated Success & Support packages that can be added to any plan for customers interested in a more bespoke onboarding experience. Learn more about our Success & Support offerings here.

How does adding and removing makers work?

If you are on a yearly plan, your contract includes a fixed minimum of makers. You cannot reduce the number of makers until your contract ends, but you can add new maker seats or upgrade your plan anytime!

If you are on a monthly plan, you can increase or reduce the number of licenses at any time in Productboard.

What support and services are available?

We offer a variety of free and paid services to support our customers. Learn more here about our onboarding, success management, support services, and community offerings.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes, we provide discounts for charitable nonprofits. For more information, contact us

See how Productboard can help you

Let us know how to contact you and we'll have a Productboard expert follow up.

Sure, send me insightful product news, and occasional offers by email. I know I can unsubscribe at any time.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is safe with us. The security and privacy of your data is our number one priority. We perform regular security testing, work with third-party security specialists, and host our platform on the highly-secure AWS Amazon cloud. Learn more.

What integrations do you support?

We integrate with many development tools such as Jira, Azure DevOps, and GitHub, plus customer feedback tools like Slack, Zendesk, and Intercom. Learn more.

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