per maker per month

  • 5 contributors Users who contribute user insights
    and access product roadmaps
    but have limited edit rights
    (e.g. colleagues on sales and support).

Enjoy all these awesome features:

  • Insights inbox
  • Features prioritization & planning
  • Roadmaps
  • Portal Validate ideas, share your plans,
    and announce what you’ve launched.
  • Insights integrations - Intercom, Zendesk, Slack, Email, and more
  • Trello, Pivotal, Github integrations


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ideal for 10+ product managers

  • Custom contributors Users who contribute user insights
    and access product roadmaps
    but have limited edit rights
    (e.g. colleagues on sales and support).
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Everything in Team, plus:

  • Multiple roadmaps of different granularity Define various release schedules
    for each product team.
    Create roadmaps of different granularity.
  • Field permissions
  • Multiple email inboxes Set up multiple email aliases
    to route insights to the right teams
  • Jira on-premise integration Integrate with Jira hosted
    on your servers
  • Enterprise security - SAML SSO and more Data encryption at rest,
    IP address whitelisting,
  • Enterprise terms and support Custom terms,
    payment by invoice

Core features

Products 1 product 3 products Custom
Insights inbox
Features prioritization & planning
Portal custom branding (logo and colors)
Portal embedding and single sign-on
Prioritization Matrix
Prioritization score and drivers
Custom fields
Multiple portals
Multiple release groups
Portal without productboard branding
Multiple projects

Insights integrations

Intercom integration
Zendesk integration
Slack integration
CSV upload
Email inbox
Chrome extension
Multiple email inboxes

Development tools integrations

Trello integration
Pivotal tracker integration
GitHub integration
Jira on-demand integration with one project
Jira self-managed integration
Jira integration with multiple projects

Other integrations

Zapier integration
Slack notifications


Role permissions
Private views
Multiple portals
Google Apps sign-in
Permissions for fields
Enforced Google Apps SSO
Data encryption at rest
IP address whitelisting

Support and business needs

Support Basic 8/5 24h response time Priority 24/5 24h response time Premium 24/7 12h response time
Product leaders slack community
Pay by invoice
Custom terms
Dedicated Product Excellence Consultant
Individualized onboarding and training
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Frequently Asked Questions

What user roles are supported?

A maker is the best role for your core product team members - product managers, designers, researchers, engineering leads. Makers are paid users, with full edit rights on all boards. A contributor is a role designed for your colleagues who contribute user insights from prospects and customers and with whom you share your product roadmaps. Each plan offers a set of contributors up to a certain limit. More info

How do I sign up for a plan?

As a project admin, you can upgrade to a plan (or update what plan you’re on) from the in-app billing page.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is safe with us. Security and privacy of your data is our number one priority. We perform automated and manual security testing on a regular basis. We also work with third-party security specialists to keep our platform safe and secure.

How do I add more users?

If you add or remove new users during the billing cycle, we’ll only charge for the time used. (Don’t worry, we’ll do all the math.) You’ll see a prorated charge/credit on your next billing statement.

What are contributors?

Gather user insights from colleagues in support, sales, and marketing by inviting them into your project as contributors. Contributors can help input user research & feedback and enjoy view-only access to all boards, or just to your product roadmaps.

More questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us at