System of record for product management

Decide what to build for whom and why.
Make products people want.


Understand what users need

Consolidate all your user research and feedback in one place so it will be on hand for every product decision. Inspire designers and developers by showing them the user context behind each feature idea.

Understand what users need

Prioritize what to build

Surface the feature ideas that best address user needs and support product strategies. Confidently decide what to build next and share the rationale with your team.

Prioritize what to build

Share for your roadmap

Auto-generate a roadmap to share with colleagues and customers. Lay out your vision for the product and assume your role as a product leader, within your organization and beyond.

Automate your roadmap

Monitor progress towards launch

Manage product development, product marketing, and launch activities all from one place. Integrate with agile planning tools like JIRA, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker.

Monitor progress towards launch

Earn colleagues’ trust

Not everyone’s needs can be accommodated. But by gathering feedback, encouraging collaboration, and offering transparency into tough product tradeoffs, you’ll win the buy-in your plans deserve.

Earn colleagues’s trust

Integrate with

Customer touch points

Development tools

Product leaders Love using productboard

productboard helps product managers figure out what to build next… and why.

TechCrunch Disrupt Competition

TechCrunch TC Disrupt Competition

Great product! Beats the heck out of our old system of spreadsheets, my inbox, and a Trello board.

Bradley Wagner

Bradley Wagner VP Engineering at hannonhill

productboard is a member of our team we can't live without.

Wells Riley

Wells Riley Product and Design at Envoy

After I showed the team how productboard could align product with sales, development, and marketing, everybody was just thinking "finally!"

Tim Clauwaert

Tim Clauwaert CEO & Co-Founder at intuo

productboard has made it far easier for me to do my job well.

Alon Bartur

Alon Bartur Product at Trifacta

I've tried a few PM tools, and productboard is the only one that has managed to capture the essence of what product management is about, and do so in style.

Nicolay Alexiev

Nicolay Alexiev Product Manager at siteminder

We deeply value productboard over here at Bonfire, and personally can't wait to see where you take it!

Kevin Penneyv

Kevin Penney Co-founder & CMO/VP Product at bonfire

Wow, you guys are onto something!

Pavel Macek

Pavel Macek Product Designer at Slack

productboard is a no-brainer for every serious product manager. You'll wonder how you got by without it.

Chase Lee

Chase Lee Co-founder & CTO at ambassador

Ready to make products people want?