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Forward emails into Productboard's Insights board

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Forward emails

Forward emails

Send emails to your workspace’s designated Productboard address so they’ll appear on your Insights board.



Highlight the most important insights and link them to feature ideas.



Surface your top-requested feature ideas and see the user insights that inspired them.

Do you receive feature requests by email? Forward them to your designated Productboard workspace’s email address and they’ll appear as new notes on your Insights board. This also works great as a way to enable colleagues to conveniently route feedback directly to the product team. You might even use the email integration to log interesting inputs you hear while on-the-go.

Makers and admins can find a workspace’s unique email address on the in-app Integrations page.

If you’re on the Scale/Business plan or higher, you can create multiple email integrations in the same Productboard workspace. For each email address, you can specify tags that will be applied to all incoming notes. Combined with collections, this is a handy way of ensuring notes are routed to the relevant product team.

How to set up the Productboard email integration


Put all that product feedback in your email inbox to use!

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