Microsoft Teams integration

Capture product and customer feedback, see your roadmaps, and view your product Portal in Teams.
Learn How to Integrate Microsoft Teams with Productboard

Take action on all that product
feedback from colleagues

Capture and track product and customer feedback

Push Microsoft Teams messages with product and customer feedback from all stakeholders into Productboard. In Teams, users can track all feedback shared and its status in a “My Notes” section.

Distill user insights to prioritize the right features that reflect user needs

Highlight the most critical insights from a Teams’ message to link them to related feature ideas in Productboard or directly in Teams. They help you prioritize the right features to deliver that support customer needs.

Quickly view your roadmaps, insights, and product Portal in Teams

Stakeholders can access the entire Productboard environment without ever leaving Teams. They can review and process feedback, view the roadmap and features with flexible views, access their product Portal.

Ensure coworkers feel heard

The first step toward investing colleagues in the product roadmap is to show them you’ve listened. Plus, colleagues who know their feedback is valued will send even more valuable insights to help guide your efforts.

See how the Microsoft teams integration works

Simon Hilton, Director of Product Operations, Willow | Productboard

“The combination of Productboard and Microsoft Teams is a game-changer. Our key stakeholders can easily push product ideas and customer feedback from Teams, where they work every day, into Productboard. The product team captures market knowledge to inform and prioritize future product planning. This helps us capture customer insight as it happens in an increasingly distributed team and world.”

Simon Hilton, Director of Product Operations, Willow
Mark Ferraz, Engagement Director at Netwoven, a Gold Microsoft partner | Productboard

“Microsoft Teams is helping companies accelerate their collaboration. Whether they are a start-up or a more traditional company, shifting from a project to product mindset, the combination of Teams and Productboard ensures customer insights are infused into product planning and delivery.”

Mark Ferraz, Engagement Director at Netwoven, a Gold Microsoft partner

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