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The Productboard Notes API

Integrate with any source to centralize all your user feedback

Integrate with any source

The Productboard Notes API allows you to capture product ideas, requests, and feedback from any source and import them as notes on your Insights board.

  • Sales and support tools: Collect feedback/requests that have been logged in a CRM or discussed in support tickets.
  • Stakeholder feedback tools: Collect feature requests from colleagues via a form you create in a form/survey tool.
  • User feedback tools: Consolidate qualitative user feedback arriving from NPS tools, feature request widgets, or survey tools.
  • Messaging apps for teams: Capture colleague feedback wherever it arises, like your company’s internal messaging app.
  • Design tools: Capture feedback left as comments on designs or prototypes in tools like Figma.

Available on the Pro plan and above

Steffen Bilde, VP Product Strategy, Dixa | Productboard

“At Dixa we’ve been customer-driven from the start. But increasingly we’ve adopted the Product Excellence mindset in terms of the way we are leading the organization forward with clear vision, strategy, and execution, all guided by user insights.”

Steffen Bilde, VP Product Strategy, Dixa

Partner with us

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Partner with us

Try these integrations built on the Notes API’s General Automation Platform now offers a connector for integrating Productboard with hundreds of applications using Tray’s visual workflow builder.

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Typeform has released a Productboard app that can be used to capture results from user surveys or forms used to intake feature requests from colleagues.

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Frame AI automatically categorizes user inputs from common support/CX systems. Now it can push product-related conversations into Productboard.

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Get started with the Notes API

The Notes API is available to Productboard customers on the Pro plan and above.

To get started, workspace admins can generate a developer token from the Integrations page in workspace settings.

Generate a developer token

Check out the Developer API Reference