Trello integration

Prioritize features in Productboard, then push them straight into delivery.

Align product strategy with execution

Get the big picture view you've always wanted

Productboard serves as a single source of truth for capturing and prioritizing all your feature ideas.

Monitor progress from one place

Track the status of features you’ve pushed into Trello right from your high-level product management views in Productboard.

Help developers deliver the optimal solution

Empower engineering teams with additional context around customer needs to inform development decisions.

Development teams love Trello for its simple and intuitive interface. Now you can preserve existing development processes while allowing product managers to take advantage of Productboard for consolidating user feedback, prioritizing what to build next, and sharing the roadmap.

  • Push your Productboard features and requirements into Trello and track their status from one place in Productboard.
  • Use auto-generated links to quickly navigate from a Trello card back to a Productboard feature, or vice versa.

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