Integrate Survicate with Productboard to run effortless in-product surveys

Simplify and automate user feedback collection. Streamline survey responses as Notes to Productboard.

Decide what to build next based on real customer needs

Prioritize effectively by getting user insights with effortless in-app surveys

  • Gather feature requests to build products people love to use
  • Create Productboard Notes based on Survicate survey responses
  • Analyze feedback and prioritize tasks in Productboard

Collect continuous user insights with in-product surveys

Capture contextual feedback with easily customized surveys.

  • Create NPS, CES, and CSAT (and hundreds of other surveys) in minutes
  • Run branded surveys by adjusting colors, company logo, and custom CSS
  • Target only selected user segments directly in your product

Transform customer insights into product ideas in Productboard

Access and analyze user feedback without leaving your product management platform

  • Work with relevant feedback to improve customer segmentation
  • Assign tags to each feedback Note automatically
  • Connect survey responses with insights from other sources in Productboard
Collect feedback

Collect feedback

Easily create in-product surveys with an intuitive editor or 400+ survey templates



Effortlessly connect Survicate and Productboard in minutes



Build for your usersโ€™ real needs and improve their experience with your product

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