Productboard's Jira integration

The go-to product management solution for Jira customers

Productboard provides product managers a home of their own, and a seamless integration with Jira.

Jira won’t help you decide what to build next

Issue trackers are great for managing delivery work, but only a dedicated product management platform like Productboard can help ensure you’re building the right features.

How Productboard adds value for Jira customers



Reported that Productboard saved product managers time


Reported that Productboard drove product/engineering alignment


Reported that Productboard enabled a better-organized Jira backlog

Caleb Gawne, Head of Product, Rose Rocket | Productboard

“With Jira we get the 500-foot view. With Productboard we get the 10,000-foot view. Both are important, and Productboard’s Jira integration has been integral for keeping everything in sync.”

Caleb Gawne, Head of Product, Rose Rocket

Prioritize features your customers really need

Jira is best for project managing what you already know you’re going to build.

Only Productboard lets you surface top requested ideas across all customers, your target segment, or a key account, based on real user feedback you’ve received.

Pursue a clear strategy

When product lives out of the engineering team’s backlog, you lose the big picture.

Productboard gives you the high-level view you’ve been missing. Define your product strategy and set objectives that will help you prioritize the right features to build next.

Share dynamic roadmaps with all your stakeholders

Roadmaps made for engineers aren’t suited for rallying everyone around your plan.

Productboard helps you easily create beautiful product roadmaps tailored for every audience, including colleagues across your organization. And as plans evolve, all your roadmaps will automatically stay up-to-date.

Turbocharge engineering productivity

Cluttered delivery backlogs overwhelm teams and kill morale.

Get features right the first time by sharing customer context that helps developers understand the problem and deliver the optimal solution. Provide delivery teams added focus by only pushing thoroughly validated features into Jira.

Easily keep both systems in sync

Productboard’s two-way Jira integration lets product managers have a home of their own while keeping both systems in sync.

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