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Gainsight integration

Integrate Gainsight with Productboard

Understand what users really need by capturing user insights submitted through the Gainsight PX in-app widget

Build the features that address real user needs



Capture ideas, requests, and feedback from users with the Gainsight Knowledge Center Bot, an in-app feature request widget.



In Productboard, identify the most important insights. Link them to feature ideas so they’ll be on hand for every prioritization decision.



Surface your top-requested feature ideas and see the user insights that inspired them.

Gainsight PX is a popular solution for understanding user behavior in your application, driving product adoption, and collecting user feedback. But when you capture user feedback using Gainsight’s in-app widget, how can you ensure it’s getting put to use?

With the Productboard Gainsight integration, you can easily route all ideas, requests, and feedback submitted by users through the Gainsight Knowledge Center Bot straight to your Productboard Insights board. From there, product managers can identify valuable insights and link them to related feature ideas, so they’ll be on hand for every prioritization and design decision.

How to integrate Productboard with Gainsight


Do something with all that valuable product feedback in Gainsight!

Integrate Productboard and Gainsight PX

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