Salesforce integration

Sync accounts, opportunities, and related data from Salesforce to identify the needs of your target customers and segments.

Dynamic Customer Segmentation
with Salesforce accounts

Import customers

Import all your Salesforce accounts to Productboard so incoming feedback will always be attributed to the right customer company. Easily reference important company data like number of paid seats or MRR.

Create dynamic segments

Create rule-based dynamic customer segments based on account attributes you’ve synced with Salesforce
(e.g., enterprise companies with ARR > $20k).

Understand your customer segments

Review aggregated data within each segment to learn more about companies it contains (e.g., the average MRR, ARR range, or average number of admins).

Prioritize based on the needs of each segment

See which features matter most to each segment based on real feedback from customers.

Get the most out of customer segmentation

Retain VIP customers, reduce the risk of churn, and identify the best features for attracting prospects in your target market segment… These are just some of the use cases for Productboard’s dynamic customer segmentation!

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Get the most out of customer segmentation

New! Capture product feedback
from Salesforce opportunities

Identify dealbreakers for prospects & customers

Automatically capture valuable product feedback left in Salesforce opportunity fields, such as Won reasons or Loss reasons.

Prioritize features based on revenue impact

Calculate the value of each feature idea based on the total value of all opportunities containing related feedback. See which features matter most to specific customers or segments.

Shawna Wolverton, EVP Product, Zendesk | Productboard

“Productboard’s powerful segmentation feature helps our teams develop a deep understanding of the unique needs connected to each customer profile. This gives us clarity on where our sweet spots are for product fit and guides product strategy. Using these segments, we can prioritize the right features and build the right products.”

Shawna Wolverton, EVP Product, Zendesk

Use your Salesforce data to make better product decisions

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