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Mural and Productboard

Embed Mural in Productboard to facilitate collaboration, while maintaining a single source of truth for all product-related information.

Embed Mural in the Productboard Editor


Product teams use Mural to collaborate with EPD counterparts, brainstorm product solutions, and so much more.  

With work happening across different platforms, teams struggle to get complete context and stay in-sync in Productboard when making critical product decisions. 

Now your team can easily bring their Mural content directly into Productboard, to ensure everyone has the background and updated information they need to make and execute product plans with ease. 


  • Embed live Mural boards in the Productboard Feature Descriptions, Roadmap Objectives, or Notes Editor
  • Expand to view the Mural in fullscreen
  • Easily access board in Mural via a direct link

How to embed Murals in Productboard