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Paving your path to Product Excellence

Paving your path to Product Excellence

Introducing ProductExcellence.co, the product management community’s resource hub for all things Product Excellence, and Productboard’s most in-depth ebook yet. 

Product Excellence is the name of an approach to product management that emphasizes getting the right products to market, faster through deep user insight, a clear product strategy, and an inspiring roadmap. We call these the pillars of Product Excellence, and companies that master all three are well on their way to building truly excellent products — products that make a difference in each user’s work and life. 

Deep user insights: The entire product team has a shared understanding of what users really need

Clear product strategy: The entire organization is aligned around key strategic objectives

Inspiring roadmap: Everyone understands and rallies around where the product is headed and why

Product Excellence places special emphasis on building the right features in the right way. It aims to deliver features that directly target user needs, and do so in less time. This means less effort is wasted working on features users don’t really need, and users get more value in less time. You’ll know you’re on the right track when users are downright delighted by your product – what it can do for them and how it makes them feel along the way.

Now, Product Excellence is easy to talk about in theory, but how do you actually put it into practice?

At Productboard, it’s our goal to help you and your team build products that people not only use but love. That’s why we’ve written Product Excellence: How to build products like today’s top product teams, our most in-depth ebook yet. In it, we outline best practices and step-by-step guides for mastering deep user insights, a clear product strategy, and an inspiring roadmap.

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Introducing ProductExcellence.co

Beyond our new ebook, we’re excited to announce ProductExcellence.co, the product management community’s resource hub for all things Product Excellence! Dive in for a library of ebooks, blog posts, and webinars with product leaders on what it takes to build excellent products. We will be adding brand new content on an ongoing basis in 2021, so make sure to keep an eye out for the latest updates.

“There must be a culture and processes in place that give product teams the room to put Product Excellence into practice. And Product Excellence isn’t a one-and-done achievement, it is an ongoing process—one that organizations must persist in to continuously deliver great products that customers need.”

Hubert Palan
Hubert Palan
Founder & CEO, Productboard

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