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Strategic Product Planning

Ensure focus on high impact initiatives that align with objectives.

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Unite the business

Align development efforts with business goals to drive company success.

Drive success with a customer-centric strategy

Have a clearly defined vision and product strategy based on market needs that stakeholders can rally behind.

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Prioritize what yields the highest ROI

Plan product goals, OKRs, and long-term objectives with the team to ensure alignment on the right tasks.

Connect strategy and execution for full alignment

Efficiently manage resources, budgets, and timelines for product development and delivery.

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Strategic product planning capabilities

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Flexible feature & product hierarchy

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User impact score and dynamic segments

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Custom views

(e.g., grid, matrix)โ€‹

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Prioritize based on effort & revenue

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Customer Insights

Centralize user feedback across sources, and uncover valuable insights at scale.

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Data-Driven Prioritization

Organize ideas and determine what to build next using a data-driven approach.

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Create, share, and collaborate across teams with real-time roadmaps.

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Cross-Team Collaboration

Enable collaboration across departments, product lines, and business units.