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Productboard expanding San Francisco engineering presence

In an effort to better serve our enterprise customers, we are building up our engineering presence in San Francisco. We recently sat down with Andrei to find out how candidates can make sure they make it to the top of the CV pile. He goes through the key steps of our interview process and discusses how engineers can make an early impact when joining a company as staff or senior staff engineer.   

Jiri Necas

Jiri Necas

Refactoring Productboard’s design system to the next level

It’s a familiar experience that lots of us have shared — migrations to merging, refreshes and refactors. It can be a tough conversation to have, but reworking your design system can be what’s in the best interest of everyone.

Our design system has a good foundation, but after thumbing through the libraries, we discovered a few things that could use some tweaking to help take us to the next level.

Jiri Necas

Jonathan Atkins

The Role of Growth Engineering at Productboard: Significance, key skills, and responsibilities

We sat down with Stu Cavill, Senior Engineering Manager for Growth at Productboard, to talk about the significance of Growth Engineering, the differences between Growth Engineers and Product Engineers and the skills needed to successfully drive growth.

Jiri Necas

Stuart Cavill

How Architecture Guild plays central role in crafting big tech initiatives

At the helm of all our big tech initiatives is our dedicated Architecture Guild, a diverse team of experienced individual contributors that plays a central role in influencing the direction our architecture takes. 

Jiri Necas

Michal Těhník

New podcast series explores staff+ engineering

A few years ago, we started a podcast about engineering leadership and management – what it takes to be an engineer at an IT company.

Jiri Necas

Robin Pokorný

Upgrading our testing framework to Cypress 12

We recently decided it was time to move from Cypress 9 to Cypress 12 on the platform team. Here’s a brief look a what went on behind the scenes.

Jiri Necas

Petra Zábojníková

6 key tips for more effective cross-pillar collaborations

Anyone who has worked on a multi-team collaboration knows that even under the best circumstances, things can get pretty tense. Check out our key takeaways for streamlining cross-pillar collaborations at your company.

Jiri Necas

Matus Koperniech

How to do a code review — some tips and tricks from the Productboard engineering team

The code review is an essential step in shipping high-quality code. What’s more, it allows developers to share knowledge, give feedback, and learn from each other’s expertise and mistakes. But depending on how we do code review, it can either be a time-consuming hassle or a breeze. 

In this article, I’ll share some tips that we use here at Productboard to ensure that code review runs smoothly — for both authors and reviewers. Let’s start at the beginning.

Jiri Necas

Tomáš Balvín

Why I switched from Java to Kotlin — and how I’m using it at Productboard

The challenge of learning a new programming language, the benefits of working in Kotlin, and why Productboard is the perfect fit for Kotlin engineers.

Jiri Necas

Pavel Spáčil

Engineering manager vs senior engineering manager – what’s the difference? 

At Productboard, our engineering career ladder contains two manager titles: manager and senior manager – and we’re hiring for both. But what are the differences between the two roles, and what skills and experience would you need to be a great fit for either one? Read on to find out. 


Jiri Necas

Dedicated support from the backstage

‘Productboard is growing rapidly and we’re struggling with effective and quick-enough scaling along with making all processes more effective. There are so many challenges to be solved. And that’s what our team focuses on.


Dominik Ilichman

Moving from kOps to EKS

Learn why and how Productboard migrated our existing Kubernetes infrastructure from a self-managed kOps cluster to Amazon’s EKS.


Ondrej Bilcik