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9 ingredients of an excellent engineering manager

What makes individuals, managers, and leaders stand out from the crowd? What separates the best of the best from the masses? What are the behaviors worth modeling regardless of role and level? This is not a comprehensive list, but here are a few things I’ve found or seen make a difference.

Sarah Parker

Deani Hansen

Life as a Productboard engineering manager — an interview with Ivo Klimša

In the latest interview of our People of Productboard series, we caught up with Engineering Manager Ivo Klimša to discuss his journey to Productboard and engineering leadership.

Sarah Parker

Jiri Necas

Inside Productboard’s Platform Tribe

Platform teams essentially form the backbone of fast-growing tech startups. They help your company thrive and scale as your product becomes increasingly more complex, which is why Productboard launched a Platform Tribe this summer.

Sarah Parker

Jiri Brunclik

Scaling our permission model

When Productboard started in 2014, our clear focus was on product managers in smaller teams who lacked a great product management tool. Nowadays, we help much larger companies with thousands of employees, and we need to solve quite different needs and personas.

Sarah Parker

Karel Skopek

Engineering life at Productboard: Personal benefits and professional growth

When it comes to an engineer’s life at Productboard, there’s a lot to cover. We’ve talked about the hiring process, and you got a detailed behind-the-scenes look at our onboarding process, workflow, and team dynamics.

Sarah Parker

Jan Vaclavik

Engineering life at Productboard: A deep dive into our workflow and team dynamics

After taking you through the hiring process in my last post, I now want to delve deeper into engineering life at Productboard. I’ll be detailing the onboarding process — two weeks of fun dedicated to studying the ins and outs of Productboard, pair programming, and getting to know the team.

Sarah Parker

Jan Vaclavik

Engineering life at Productboard: The interview process and how to prep

This three-article series covers why I decided to join Productboard as an engineer and how things work inside the company.

Sarah Parker

Jan Vaclavik

Make onboarding a breeze with a 30–60–90 plan

Whether you’re starting a new engineering job soon or have only just begun looking for new opportunities, taking the next step in your career can be a daunting experience. Set yourself up for success and stay on track using a simple 30–60–90 plan, which will help you prioritize your goals for the first three months at your new job and make your onboarding process smoother.

Sarah Parker

Filip Novotny

How Productboard monitors frontend applications

And that is correct! Network glitches, deployment glitches, dependencies upgrades, developer’s carelessness or just small data inconsistencies. There’s plenty of stuff in web development that can go wrong, and it will go wrong at some point. What’s far more important than trying to prevent anything from going south is having solid monitoring in place and clear processes to follow.

Sarah Parker

Matej Minarik

⚔️ Spinners versus skeletons in the battle of hasting

This article describes how to identify intermediate states while loading using React Suspense.
Every modern app needs to load data from a server. This may take a while, and making our users wait on a blank screen just won’t do.
Now comes the choice — loading spinner or loading skeleton.

Sarah Parker

Martin Nuc

How we measure adoption of a design system at Productboard

Building a design system without knowing how it is used can be very tricky, and even the simplest of questions can be hard to answer. Do you know how often your components are used? Can you remove deprecated components from the code? What is the adoption of your design system?

Sarah Parker

Filip Danisko

What life’s really like as a designer at Productboard

It was in the spring of 2018 when I first interviewed for the position of a product designer at a local startup — you guessed it, Productboard.

Sarah Parker

Zdenek Kuncar