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Go-To-Market Alignment

Equip customer-facing teams with the dynamic roadmaps they need.

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Risk Simulation Detail with Comments in Productboard

Launch together, win together

Unite go-to-market teams and coordinate key launch tasks for a successful launch.

Ensure clarity on prioritization and timing

Establish dynamic roadmaps that equip go-to-market teams with up-to-date info on feature launches, timelines, and objectives.
Address Critical User Painpoints Objective with Features on Productboard Roadmap

Drive cohesive, impactful product releases

Develop a launch checklist and monitor team progress with a central dashboard displaying task completion and status.
Foundations Team Launch Planning with Owners and Tasks in Productboard

Fuel innovation with customer-driven feedback

Drive product feedback loops with go-to-market teams to build products that align with customer preferences.
Feature Request from UiPath example in Productboard
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Go-to-market alignment capabilities

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Dynamic roadmaps that stay up to date

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Track progress and visualize dependencies

Productboard Use Case GTM Alignment Green View Icon

Flexible views that can be tailored by audience

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Interactive collaboration

(e.g., questions, comments)

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Cross-Team Collaboration

Enable collaboration across departments, product lines, and business units.

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Customer Insights

Centralize user feedback across sources, and uncover valuable insights at scale.

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Strategic Product Planning

Run product planning and ensure teams are focused on the highest impact initiatives.

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Create, share, and collaborate across teams with real-time roadmaps.