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Set yourself up for success during prioritization

Set yourself up for success during prioritization

productboard gives you a map of your problem space, and a structure for organizing your feature ideas within it. It helps you identify the feature ideas with the greatest projected impact on users, and offers one-click access to the research, feedback, feature requests emails, and support tickets that inspired each feature idea in the first place.

Immediate access to the user feedback that inspired each feature idea in the first place

To multiply the information you’ll have on hand during prioritization, your team can process incoming research and feedback as it arrives from integrations with tools like Intercom, Zendesk, email, and the productboard extension for Chrome.

And thanks to new enhancements ⭐️ it’s easier than ever to process these user insights by linking them to the needs they represent and the feature ideas they inspire. Allow me to explain…

So in short…

  • When highlighting an insight, you can now search for the area of the product you’d like to link to and then interact with the results to ensure you’re in the right place.
  • Similar functionaliy in the hierarchy column also makes it easier to move features and components around in the hierarchy.

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