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50 product management conferences to check out in 2021

50 product management conferences to check out in 2021

Despite a year of cancellations and disruptions, the product community is stronger than ever. 

To kick off the new year, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the product management conferences and events you can look forward to in 2021, organized by month. 

Due to the uncertainty that remains around the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the events are now fully virtual. So while nothing beats the buzz of being with one another in-person, it’s now easier than ever to ‘attend’ some of the world’s biggest product events. 

We’ve tried to be as thorough as possible with this list, but given the global situation, some events still haven’t announced their plans for 2021, while others may be forced to change existing plans. Also, please bear in mind that prices are subject to change over time as early-bird offers expire.

Top product management conferences in 2021

With so many conferences to choose from, we thought we’d start by narrowing the field to what we consider some of the top events of the year. 

1. Mind the Product

Mind the Product is the world’s largest product management conference, with annual flagship events in San Francisco, London, and Singapore, plus regional conferences in Hamburg and Manchester. Each Mind the Product conference is different, featuring unique speakers and content. This year, all events will be streamed live. 

For updates on dates and ticket prices, you can join the MTP mailing list here.

2. INDUSTRY Virtual

INDUSTRY is one of the biggest and best-known conferences for software product managers. For 2021, they are putting on a virtual conference, including thought-provoking talks, interactive Q&As, professionally compiled notes, an exclusive podcast series, video networking, and more. 

The virtual event takes place on April 20-21, with tickets starting from $125.

3. ProductCon

Organized by Product School, ProductCon is the largest online product management conference in the world. There are four events throughout 2021, each offering a mix of keynotes, networking sessions, and panel discussions. You can choose from the following dates and sign up for free tickets on the event website.

  • February 18
  • April 29
  • June 24
  • November 18

4. Front: UX and Product Management Case Study Conference

Front is one of the top product conferences for UX designers and product managers. Attendees can join 1000+ product professionals for a series of live, real-world case studies by innovative UX designers and PMs.

Planned to take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, dates are yet to be decided due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Still, you can register for an early-bird ticket here.

5. Product Design Week

Organized by Future London Academy, this four-day event is designed to immerse attendees in London’s tech and creative industry, exploring the latest innovations and hottest trends. According to the website, “you will have the chance to meet the teams behind the most ground-breaking products and learn how they approach design and UX strategy, work with clients, and improve their services.”

The event will take place in London, UK on August 24-27. Tickets cost £2200

January 2021

6. IXDA Interaction Week

Location: Virtual
Date: January 31 – February 5
Price: $500

Taking place over five days, this online event aims to tackle the big issues the world faces today, what led us to this point, and how design can change our path going forward. Fancy joining forces with designers from across the globe to solve the problems of a generation? Then this is the event for you.

February 2021

7. UX & Product Conf 2021

Location: Virtual
Date: February 4
Price: €69

Bringing together the worlds of UX and product, this one-day virtual event features a unique format the organizers call 1-2-Everyone. Instead of delivering traditional presentations, speakers come in pairs, pitch their views on a topic, and then participate in a debate and group discussion.

8. UXLX Masters

Location: Virtual
Date: February 10-12
Price: €395

Offering three days of online learning with UX masters, attendees can get involved in hands-on workshops and watch inspiring keynotes from leaders and pioneers in the UX space. 

9. Product Management Leadership Forum

Location: London, UK
Date: February 12
Price: £595

This exclusive event for product leaders features a series of workshops, presentations, and discussions that explore how to build a world-class product team or department. 

10. ProductWorld

Location: Virtual
Date: February 17-19
Price: From $100

With over 1500 attendees, ProductWorld is dubbed “the world’s largest product manager and product developer conference.” You can enjoy speakers from some of Silicon Valley’s hottest tech companies.

11. Agile Open Northwest 2021

Location: Virtual
Date: February 22-24
Price: $59

This event focuses on agile practices and techniques. With the overarching theme being ‘How to Dance on Uncertain Ground,’ this is a great choice for product teams looking for tips on how to navigate an unpredictable world. 

12. UXRConf Anywhere

Location: Virtual
Date: February 24-26
Price: $99

Brought to you by the UXR Collective, this event is designed to spread ideas and experience around UX research. You can check out the schedule here

13. Machine Learning Prague

Location: Virtual
Date: February 26-28
Price: From $120

Machine learning, AI, and deep learning represent an exciting and challenging new frontier for product development. Stay ahead of the technological curve by attending this three-day event featuring speakers from Google, Apple, Microsoft, and NASA.

March 2021

14. Her Product Lab Virtual Summit

Location: Virtual
Date: March 4
Price: $99-599 

This full-day virtual summit focuses on women in the product industry. With inspiring product leaders from companies such as Facebook, Etsy, Forbes, and Google, you’ll gain new insights and skills to help you build better products.


Location: Virtual
Date: March 4-5
Price: From A$289

Bridging the gap between Product, UX, Design, and Dev, UXDX brings together over 25 speakers from companies including Twitter, Shopify, Visa, and Stripe to share their ideas, stories, and knowledge.

16. Advancing Research 2021

Location: Virtual
Date: March 10-12
Price: $995

This 3-day virtual conference focuses on a particularly important aspect of product management: research. Covering three broad themes advancing the field of research, advancing practitioners and teams, and advancing business impact this is an excellent event for anyone wanting to hone their research skills and understand what users need.

17. AgileAus 

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: March 15-16
Price: $990

Moved from its original 2020 date due to COVID, AgileAu offers a unique blend of content focused on furthering understanding of agile best practices.

18. Canvas Conference

Location: Virtual
Date: March 15-18
Price: £149

This multi-day event is all about sharing insider stories and actionable insights from product people, to product people. The impressive list of speakers includes design and product leaders from SpaceX, Google, 1Password, and many more. 

19. Design Research 2021

Location: Virtual
Date: 17-19 March
Price: A$500

As the name suggests, this 3-day virtual event organized by UX Australia is dedicated to design research from planning and conducting to analysis and use. Attendees can enjoy mornings packed with presentations, followed by afternoons of workshops.

April 2021

20. Online Together: Spring Summit

Location: Virtual
Date: April 19-21
Price: $1050

This 3-day web design conference has an intense focus on digital design, UX, content, and code. The full list of speakers is still to be confirmed, but you can expect in-depth sessions, Q&As, and more.

21. IUI 2021

Location: Virtual
Date: April 13-17
Price: TBC

Covering intelligent user interfaces and AI, this event will be of interest to anyone involved in designing and building digital products. IUI 2021 serves as an international forum for reporting and discussing outstanding R&D in intelligent user interfaces.

22. Chief Product Officer Summit, London

Location: London
Date: April 22
Price: From £500

Like the event of the same name in San Francisco, the Chief Product Officer Summit’s London leg brings together product leaders from some of the world’s biggest companies and most exciting startups to share ideas on how to deliver value for both customers and the organization. 

23. Intelligent Chatbots Virtual 

Location: Virtual
Date: April 21
Price: Free! 

For product managers who use or plan to use chatbots to enhance their product’s UX, this free one-day event could be extremely useful. You’ll learn how to use intelligent chatbots to capture business value, deliver a superior customer experience, and more.

24. Product-Led Summit, London

Location: London, UK
Date: April 22
Price: From £500

The London leg of the Product-Led Summit series features talks from product leaders at Revolut, Hubspot, Vrbo, and many more product-led companies.

May 2021

25. CHI 2021

Location: Virtual
Date: May 8-13
Price: TBA

Dubbed ‘the premier international conference on Human-Computer Interaction,’ this event is for anyone wanting to learn about and discuss the latest in interactive technology. Again, while not specifically product-focused, the ideas presented at this event could be of interest to anyone involved in the digital world. 

26. Product-Led Summit, Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: May 26
Price: From €500

With speakers from product-led companies such as SAP, Zendesk, and Hubspot, this two-day event in Amsterdam is designed to share best practices in product design, development, and delivery.

June 2021

27. UXFest Conference

Location: Virtual
Date: June 1-3
Price: £270

Part of a month-long series of UX-related online events, the UXFest Conference will feature talks on everything from user research and product strategy to UX writing, multi-variant testing, and growth design. 

28. Design Thinking & Innovation Week

Location: London, UK
Date: June 1-4
Price: £2200

Offering ‘an immersive experience for creative entrepreneurs, innovation directors, and business owners,’ this week-long event introduces attendees to some of London’s most forward-thinking businesses, uncovering the latest approaches to design thinking and innovation.

29. La Product Conf

Location: Paris, France
Date: June 10
Price: €525

La Product Conf brings together over 800 product managers, designers, and business leaders for a full day of networking and idea-sharing. Speakers from top companies will cover a range of thought-provoking topics, including product and design, organization and leadership, psychology and ethics, and more.

30. Dublin Tech Summit Virtual

Location: Virtual
Date: June 17
Price: TBC

Join over 5000 attendees and some of the most influential tech and business leaders in the world for this one-day virtual event. DTS Virtual aims to be a forum for sharing knowledge, debating the latest tech trends, and networking.

31. MTP Engage, Hamburg

Location: Hamburg
Date: June 23-25
Price: TBC

“MTP Engage is for passionate product people of all levels of experience; from those interested in getting into product to veterans of the discipline, the conference offers insight for all and a chance to take a step back and immerse yourself in product learning for two days.”

32. Design Thinking Conference

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: June 24-25
Price: €995 (early bird)

The Design Thinking Conference is a two-day, interactive gathering of design-thinking practitioners from across the world, offering a platform to share knowledge and further understand what is driving the changes in today’s world.

33. Product-Led Summit, Singapore

Location: Singapore
Date: June 29-30
Price: S$795

Another Product-Led Summit event, this time coming live from Singapore. Like other events in the series, attendees can enjoy a series of talks from inspiring leaders of product-led companies. 

July 2021

34. Agile on the Beach

Location: Falmouth, UK
Date: TBC
Price: £475 (early bird)

With themes including agile practices, product design, product management, software delivery, and leadership, there’s plenty of interesting content for product folk at this event. The exact dates are still to be determined, but it looks as though the conference will go ahead in July 2021.

35. An Event Apart, DC

Location: Washington DC, USA
Date: July 12-14
Price: $1500

The second An Event Apart conference will be held in the USA’s capital, Washington DC. Like other events in the series, it has a strong focus on digital design and UX, in addition to content, code, and more. 

36. Agile2021

Location: Virtual
Date: July 19-22
Price: TBC

Agile2021 is an online gathering of passionate Agile practitioners from more than 50 countries. Attendees can explore the latest techniques, practices, and strategies in Agile software development from the world’s leading experts, innovators, and thought leaders.

37. Product-Led Summit, New York

Location: New York City, NY, USA
Date: July 28-29
Price: $795

Join product leaders from Zapier, Drift, TripAdvisor, Mailchimp, and more to discuss how to position product as your primary driver of growth and retention.

August 2021

38. International Conference on Marketing, Product Management, and Technology

Location: Venice, Italy
Date: August 12-13
Price: €250

According to the website, the ICMPMT “aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Marketing, Product Management, and Technology.” 

39. An Event Apart, Orlando

Location: Orlando, FL, USA
Date: August 30 – September 1
Price: $1500

Like other An Event Apart conferences, but this time held in Orlando, Florida, USA. 

September 2021

40. Growth Marketing Summit

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Date: September 2
Price: €799

With 12 back-to-back TED-style talks covering themes such as behavioral design, user research, and hacking growth, there’s plenty of relevant content at Europe’s biggest conference for digital growth. 

41. Chief Product Officer Summit, San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Date: September 15
Price: From $500

As the name suggests, this event is designed specifically for CPOs, bringing together product leaders from across the world to share ideas on how to deliver value for both customers and the organization. 

42. Product-Led Summit, San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Date: September 15-16
Price: From $795

This two-day event brings together an exciting group of speakers from some of the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups to discuss how product can drive increased revenue, customer retention, and business performance.

43. Product Marketing Summit

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Date: September 15-16
Price: From $795

The Product Marketing Summit is designed for those professionals at the intersection of product, sales, and marketing, featuring product marketing leaders from the likes of Google, Salesforce, Amazon, and Uber.

44. ACE! 2021

Location: Krakow, Poland
Date: September 17-18
Price: €350  

The largest conference of its kind in Central Europe, Ace combines two tracks: Agile Software Development and Product Design & Management. There’s also a workshop day on September 16 where attendees can apply new skills and experiment with new ideas.

45. Saastr Annual 2021

Location: Virtual + in-person (venue TBC)
Date: September 27-29
Price: TBC

With hundreds of workshops and thousands of mentoring sessions spread over two jam-packed days, Saastr Annual 2021 is an excellent opportunity for people in the SaaS industry to share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge.

October 2021


Location: Dublin + Virtual
Date: October 6-8
Price: From 132 for virtual tickets and €635 for in-person tickets

The EMEA leg of UXDX comes live from Dublin, with the option to attend virtually. Bridging the gap between Product, UX, Design, and Dev, this event offers a broad range of learning opportunities for product managers.

47. An Event Apart, Denver

Location: Denver, CO, USA
Date: October 11-13
Price: $1500

The fourth event in the An Event Apart series comes live from Denver, Colorado, USA. 

48. SaaStock

Location: TBC
Date: October (exact dates TBC)
Price: TBC

Although the details are yet to be confirmed, SaaStock is typically one of the biggest SaaS conferences in Europe, bringing together SaaS leaders, founders, and execs for an exciting series of talks. You can sign up at the link above for news. 

49. JAM Online

Location: Virtual
Date: TBC
Price: TBC

Organized by Jam Club, this event aims to bring together product leaders and makers who strive to be better at their craft. While the details still haven’t been ironed out for 2021, JAM is typically held in London during the Autumn. If it’s anything like last year’s event, you can also expect an exciting and immersive virtual experience. For updates on dates and prices, you can join the mailing list here.

December 2021

50. An Event Apart, San Francisco 

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Date: December 13-15
Price: $1500

The final An Event Apart conference of the year will be held in San Francisco, USA, just before Christmas. Speakers are yet to be announced, but you can sign up for email reminders at the link above. 

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