See which customer companies need which features

If you’re a b2b product manager, chances are you’ll sometimes hear that a certain feature is critical for a customer company but won’t know who exactly at the company provided that input.

Indicate which *company* provided a piece of feedback

In productboard, you can now attribute feedback directly to a company, even if you don’t know who provided it.

That said, there’s nothing like knowing exactly who to follow up with for design research or who to notify when a feature goes live. If you can attribute the feedback to a particular person, you can add them as well.

Next, see which features matter to which companies by adding Company columns to your Features/Releases boards.

Admins can enable Company columns in project settings.

Then select a Company’s name to view its details, including all of the feedback associated with it.

Given the complexity of enterprise deals, there can be a lot riding on your team’s ability to exceed the needs of major accounts. With today’s update, we hope you’re in an even stronger position to do just that.

More updates coming in the days ahead, including a feature that will make it easier to notify users when their requested features go live! Stay tuned. ?

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