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It’s time for better roadmaps: Take a roadtrip with Productboard

It’s time for better roadmaps: Take a roadtrip with Productboard

Creating product roadmaps is one of the main reasons customers choose Productboard. We’ve heard customers say (to the tune of “Help” by The Beatles):

(Help!) I need a roadmap.
(Help!) Not just any roadmap.
(Help!) You know I need direction.

When we were smaller we had fewer customers than today
I never needed anybody’s help in any way
But now these days are gone, I’m not so self-assured.
And ideas are piling up, I need an impact score
Help me if you can, I need a plan.
And I do appreciate when we align
Help me show where we’re heading over time
Won’t you please, please help me?

We’re here to help. It’s time for better roadmaps with Productboard’s customer-centric roadmaps, customized for all audiences, and always up-to-date. With Productboard roadmaps, product managers save time, accelerate product planning cycles, ensure cross-functional stakeholder alignment and build the right products for customers. 

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Build product roadmaps that reflect customer needs

50% of product teams feel their roadmaps are outdated and don’t reflect user needs, leading to $30B and countless hours wasted according to a Battery Ventures survey.

With Productboard, customers are always at the center of your roadmap process and product strategy. 

Productboard’s roadmaps save product teams time and accelerate product planning cycles. Product managers collect and organize customer feedback within Productboard to create customer-driven roadmaps. 

Productboard’s auto-calculated user impact score surfaces your top-requested features based on customer feedback. You ensure the right features are on your roadmap. Coming soon, see these scores and tags you create to categorize feedback (like dealbreaker, usability, or enterprise) on roadmaps. 

When real customer insights inform roadmaps, product teams can clearly communicate the “why” behind roadmap decisions to stakeholders. Plus, your entire team has unlimited access to view the customer feedback behind each feature on your roadmap. With customer-driven roadmaps, you speed up product innovation, avoid costly assumptions around customer needs, and confidently build the right features for customers.

“Everyone receives line-of-sight into what the customer is asking for and being delivered. Those who need to know what’s happening with a product, now have one place to go for end-to-end visibility. ”

Rohit Mehta
Director Product Quality & Statistics at HERE Technologies

Quickly create custom roadmaps tailored to each stakeholders’ unique needs 

A good product roadmap is a tool for effective cross-functional collaboration. Roadmaps should clearly help product managers communicate critical context and timelines for delivery to relevant teams and stakeholders. However, only 14% of product managers see clarity around product strategy and objectives beyond their team — a clear disconnect. 

Plus, every stakeholder, both internal and external, needs a different roadmap view. Product teams spend hours creating roadmaps for different audiences or present one generic roadmap, not meeting any audiences’ needs. Productboard’s custom roadmap templates empower product teams to easily create, share, and communicate strategic roadmap views for all. 

68% of Productboard customers improved their collaboration, communication, alignment, and visibility with their team and stakeholders. 

Product teams save time and focus on what matters — building better products — and empower stakeholders to self-serve the roadmap.

52% of Productboard customers spent less time providing updates to stakeholders, leadership, and GTM teams with direct access to updated roadmaps in Productboard. 

Leadership roadmaps provide a high-level overview or quick summary of a product team’s work and direction. Company roadmaps give greater detail to customer-facing teams like sales and customer success.

Delivery-focused roadmaps, including features timeline roadmaps with objectives, provide detailed, granular views. Product managers track and plan their features from discovery to delivery. With new custom field swimlanes, you can organize your roadmap according to the criteria your team cares about most—such as platform (iOS or Android) or feature type (bug or delight)—in one click.

With dependencies coming soon, see features blocked by other features on your roadmap. Quickly address issues to meet timelines, optimize delivery resources, and save money. 

Using Productboard’s Salesforce integration and dynamic customer segmentation, a segment-centered roadmap (Scale and Enterprise plan) shows key segments’ needs, such as enterprise or high ARR customers. An enterprise roadmap shows the enterprise sales team and enterprise customers the upcoming features they value. And with a customer-focused roadmap, customer success managers show customers they’re listening to their feedback and share expected delivery dates.

“Productboard’s real value is orchestration. Our stakeholders, from high-level internal executives to partners like Apple and KFC, are now happier with the product team’s output because of the alignment we all have on what’s most important to our business and customers.” ”

Rangga Wiseno
SVP of Product at DANA

Dynamic, always up-to-date roadmaps replace manual slides 

Custom roadmaps for all audiences are critical, but useless when they are outdated and don’t reflect current work — a common challenge faced by product managers stitching together disconnected tools or using tools not purpose-built for product managers. Using slides, product teams manually update each roadmap with every time-consuming change. Without knowing where to find the roadmap nor trusting it’s up-to-date, stakeholders revert to flooding product managers with questions about what’s planned.

Productboard’s roadmaps are dynamic, staying up-to-date as plans evolve. Product teams and stakeholders are confident knowing all roadmaps align with a single source of truth. Changes you make to product features and strategy in Productboard on your Features board automatically update all roadmaps at once for every audience. 

45% of Productboard customers became more productive not using multiple tools to see the roadmap.

Product managers stop wasting time sharing roadmaps and focus on strategic product decisions, strategy, and discovery. Product teams improve productivity, save time, and reduce maintenance costs. Teams speed up product innovation, build the right products for customers, and become more productive.

74% of Productboard customers saved time manually updating many versions of roadmaps in slides or PPTs with consistent and always up-to-date roadmaps.

With Azure DevOps and Jira integrations, Productboard roadmaps integrate with your developers’ existing workflows. Product and development stakeholders stay aligned, transparent, and consistently communicate with a real-time view of deliverables. Everyone accelerates roadmap creation, delivery speed, and eliminates duplicate manual work in both systems.  

“Having a single source of truth in Productboard creates a clear picture when you back up beyond a single team. We’ve moved our internal updates out of PowerPoint, saving many hours each week in preparation and distribution time.”

Noah Singer
Head of Product at 1-800 Contacts

It’s time for better roadmaps

These valuable functionalities help build products customers need, use, and love.  Take a roadtrip with Productboard, and you’ll say, “I can see where we’re headed!”. We’ll be there every step of the way!

Product teams can begin creating better roadmaps with Productboard’s Essentials plan, starting as low as $20 per month. When you’re ready, you can upgrade for even better roadmaps with broader collaboration and strategic prioritization capabilities.

Start your free trial now to try Productboard’s roadmaps.

Customers can access these new features in their Productboard workspace.


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