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Introducing the Productboard platform

Introducing the Productboard platform

Because product management is a team sport

Like any sport, product management demands a clear strategy, good communication, and seamless collaboration to beat ever-changing challenges. A competitor may release earlier, a customer’s demands may suddenly change because of a global pandemic, and internal processes constantly iterate as organizations grow. Too often, there’s a gap between customer needs, product discovery, and product development. 

Like Disney+, UiPath, and Zoom, seasoned teams know it’s time for better product management and products built with Productboard’s customer-centric product management platform. Productboard enhances the value of existing customer and product data with data-driven prioritization, improves productivity by connecting existing tools and workflows, and keeps stakeholders aligned.

Productboard connects with the entire product management lifecycle from discovery to delivery with 18 integrations like Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Shortcut (formerly, Microsoft Teams, and open APIs. Productboard’s platform connects rather than replaces existing tools. Finally, product teams have an all-in-one dedicated space to consolidate and analyze customer feedback, prioritize the right features, and create roadmaps, reflecting customer needs and supporting business goals. 

To “win,” everyone must know the plays and why. You cannot afford delays or not passing the correct information over to the right teammate. With a missed pass at a crucial time, teams miss the shot and lose the playoffs. 

Some Productboard season stats 

  • 75% growth: Productboard customers’ integration usage growth since Q2 2020
  • 2+: The number of integrations customers use to pull in customer feedback
  • The top customer insight sources are our Slack, Intercom, and Zendesk integrations
  • The top 3 most used integrations are Email, Jira, and Slack integrations

Make data-driven product decisions 

Product teams are siloed by disjointed tools, hundreds of spreadsheets, and endless scattered feedback that can quickly be lost and makes user research challenging. Teams lack alignment around the right features to build to support customer needs, while sales, support, and customer success feel their feedback does not inform prioritization decisions. It’s like a runner training on the wrong course. 

Thankfully, with Productboard, teams make data-driven decisions easily – avoiding battles, assumptions, and wasted time. They rely on centralized product and customer data to prioritize features, defend decisions, and ensure alignment with changing business needs. They make the right calls, reducing product risk with efficient workflows.

With Productboard’s insights and collaboration integrations like Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, email, Chrome, and Microsoft Teams , product teams systematically capture and analyze critical data (feature requests, pain points, and product data) from customers and colleagues in one place to guide product decisions. 

“Now with Productboard, we have a single source of truth. We managed to turn a black box into an open box.”

Stephanie Kazalac
Senior Product Manager for Delivery Hero’s Groceries and New Verticals business

Productboard’s Notes API extends the integrations, adding customer feedback from app store reviews, NPS tools, and more. Our Zapier integration connects Productboard to 3000+ tools, like Airtable, HubSpot, Asana, and Google Forms and Spreadsheets — no coding required. 

“Productboard integrates with various tools and apps, but the API extends it to virtually any platform. This streamlines communication between customer-facing teams and internally-facing teams.”

Mircea Andrei Grigore
Senior Director of Product Management, UiPath

To stay in the game, product teams must use quantitative data and segmentation. Then, roadmaps and features reflect customer needs, and teams prevent wasted time, money, and failed products. In short, zero slam dunks.

With the Salesforce integration and dynamic customer segmentation, product teams can import customer and prospect data from Salesforce or another CRM to uncover target customer or segment needs and drive revenue by prioritizing them. You can’t win without knowing your team and opponents.

The new Salesforce opportunities integration automatically captures product feedback such as “won or loss reasons.” Product teams identify dealbreakers with their potential fiscal opportunity to prioritize for prospects and customers. With Salesforce accounts, product teams identify and prioritize critical features by customer segment (e.g., enterprise companies with ARR > $20k). 

“Productboard's powerful segmentation feature helps our teams narrow in on specific customer types and their unique feedback. Using these segments, we prioritize features and build the right products that accurately reflect specific customers' needs.”

Shawna Wolverton
EVP of Product, Zendesk

Collaborative: Keep product teams and stakeholders aligned and informed

Whether a soccer or basketball match, games aren’t won alone. Cross-functional collaboration is vital for excellent product management and often the most significant challenge with so many stakeholders. But, often when delivering features, product teams throw features over to engineers like a feature factory without any customer context or sharing the “why.” Plus, customer-facing teams don’t know what’s on the roadmap.

With customized roadmaps, customer needs, stakeholder priorities, and product prioritization are aligned. Customer-facing teams understand and confidently explain to customers and prospects why the product team prioritized certain features over others. 

“With Productboard, everyone has full visibility into everything that came in and a very detailed description of why it didn’t make it into the quarterly roadmap, including how it scored against OKRs, the effort score, and the priority.”

Sebastian Sondheimer
Vice President of Global Contact Center, Delivery Hero

Productboard’s delivery integrations push prioritized features on your roadmap built using customer-centric product planning into delivery tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, and  (formerly Engineering teams have the necessary customer context, and product teams and engineers track delivery timelines and status. Build better products and stop re-briefing over and over again with seamless communication and transparency. 

For example, Productboard customer Digicert shares that their product managers map Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) down to the Epic level in Productboard and create the full stories in a way that’s engineering ready.

Need another player on the team? Productboard’s Features API connects to any tool or existing workflow, such as delivery integrations like the new Shortcut integration. The API also automates workflows, including notifying customers and colleagues about feature changes via any channel, such as release logs. 

“Productboard’s Shortcut integration ensures teams are aligned. With Shortcut, Product and Engineering leadership knows what’s being worked on, the current status and zero in on blockers. ”

Join the Olympic team of product management 

Are you looking for your team to make it to the Olympics and crush the competition? High-functioning product teams like Disney+, Microsoft, Twilio, and Zendesk, succeed with Productboard’s customer-centric product management platform. Enhance the value of your existing data, improve productivity by connecting existing workflows, and keep stakeholders aligned. We’re rooting for you.

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