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Building customer retention into your product management process

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As a product leader, how do you factor customer retention into your product plans when acquiring customers so often takes the front seat? Bella Renney, Head of Product at, shares her insights on the topic. You’ll learn:

  • Creative ways to uncover the needs of current users
  • How to use qualitative data to build strong customer relationships and engagement
  • The metrics you can leverage that specifically speak to retention

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About Bella Renney

Hiten Shah has been working remotely for 17 years and is co-founder and CEO of FYI, a product that helps you find your documents in three clicks or less across time zones, teams and tools. He previously started Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. He’s also an investor and advisor in over 120 companies.

Building customer retention into your product management process

How do modern product leaders build
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As product managers, we all want to achieve excellence in our craft. But what constitutes an excellent product in the first place? What strategies, processes, and mindsets are employed by the world’s best product makers?

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