One size does not fit all: Tactics for getting to the bottom of user needs


In customer-driven organizations, everyone is equipped with a deep understanding of user needs. This allows them to excel in their work—whether that’s prioritizing, designing, developing, promoting, supporting, or selling. 

Join Pulkit Agrawal, co-founder & CEO of Chameleon, and Scott Baldwin, Community Lead & Product Evangelist at Productboard, for a discussion on why this understanding of customers is the secret to product success and the tactics and frameworks that enable you to be truly customer-centric. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Move beyond the myth of the “average customer”
  • Deeply understand your users and their diverse needs via segmentation
  • Define what your customers want using the jobs-to-be-done framework


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About Pulkit Agrawal

Pulkit is the co-founder and CEO of Chameleon, a platform to help teams drive product success. With Chameleon, you can improve user activation, retention, and satisfaction with highly targeted in-app messaging, empowering your users to succeed independently and find value quickly in your product.

Pulkit enjoys talking and writing about topics that include user onboarding, product-led growth, SaaS self-service, and UX.

 One size does not fit all: Tactics for getting to the bottom of user needs

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