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Product Makers Product Talks

How research and product teams can create mission-critical products and confident bets

Gregg Bernstein

On May 4 2023, we talked with Gregg Bernstein, Director of User Research at Hearst Magazines and author of Research Practice: Perspectives from UX researchers in a changing field about his learnings working day-to-day in the practice itself. In this fireside chat we talk about:

  • The roles and teams user researchers might work with and how product and research can best work together and build a strong partnership and working relationship that benefits the customer and the product
  • How research and product teams can best work together to make strong product bets, and drive customer retention, adoption and growth
  • How research can work cross-functionally to 10x product teams and product outcomes, build research methodologies, and best share research findings with colleagues and stakeholders
  • How to lean into the messy bits and overcome challenges โ€” from advocating for change to partnering around the customer