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Become a Product Makers Ambassador

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Want to get exclusive perks and help us grow the Product Makers community?

Come join us as a Product Makers Ambassador. Our ambassadors are passionate product makers and act as an extension of our community team, they:

  • support other Product Makers in the community, respond to questions, share their knowledge, contribute, and help drive engagement
  • partner and work with our community team to help us shape our community
  • act as champions of our Product Makers community and Productboard online and/or offline

Choose where you want to get involved

We offer flexible ways to get involved and help us build community. Choose how and where you want to help out. We anticipate that Product Makers Ambassadors will spend between 2-4 hours per month. As an Ambassador you will:

  • Welcome new community members
  • Contribute your subject matter expertise
  • Help drive ongoing engagement online
  • Encourage others in the product community to join Product Makers
  • Share your knowledge about Productboard
  • Provide input into our community plans and direction

Benefits and perks

  • Access to additional community capabilities
  • Special community status to recognize your involvement as an ambassador
  • Listing in our community guide
  • A chance to win one of our annual community awards
  • Rewards and special perks that recognize your contributions and milestones
  • Opportunities to co-create content with our community team
  • Networking opportunities with other ambassadors and our community team
  • Access to a closed community group
  • Extra perks at our annual Product Excellence Summit
  • Exclusive community swag

Ready to get involved?

We accept new applicants from our community anytime and typically add new ambassadors at the end of each quarter (March, June, September, and December)

Apply to join the program. We’ll review your application and will follow up.

Want to know more? Have a question?
Contact our community team or check out our FAQ below for more details.

Meet our current Product Makers Ambassadors

Andrew Fragias

Andrew Fragias

Ash Ivory

Ash Ivory

Parveen Downer

Parveen Downer

David Morgan

David Morgan


We add new ambassadors at the end of each quarter based on community needs and growth.

Start by filling out our application form. Note that your participation in our community is a key factor when assessing applicants.

A passion for product and our community, a willingness to get involved, participate, and actively contribute and share.

It’s important for us that we grow this community and our ambassadors at the right pace so this is a good experience for everyone and we have time to learn and evolve our program. Once you’ve applied we will let you know we have received your application, our next steps with the selection process, and if you have been selected or not.

We know you have other commitments and we’re open to wherever you can add value. We anticipate that Product Makers ambassadors will spend between 2-4 hours per month. After that we may invite you to extend your involvement.

We encourage you to tell others, but ask that they apply directly.