Now-Next-Later Roadmap Template

Communicate your priorities over broad timeframes with an emphasis on the near-term. This visualization is ideal for teams operating in fast-changing environments where release dates may be subject to change.

Now-Next-Later Roadmap Template

When to use this roadmap

Now-Next-Later Roadmap is good for

  • Communicating with large audiences (e.g. an All-Hands or Town Hall meeting). Simple, streamlined layout reduces noise and is easy for everyone to understand.
  • Communicating broad plans without committing your team to specific deadlines.

We do not recommend Now-Next-Later Roadmap for

  • Communicating with executives. If your audience needs any kind of detail – deadlines, teams, or company objectives, for example, consider an Objectives timeline roadmap.
  • Communicating within the Product organization. Hopefully, your Product team already understands what’s being worked on now, next and later! Consider a Sprint planning roadmap.
Use Template

Releases (named Now, Next, Later)


By features, objectives, or hierarchy




All-Hands or Town Hall meeting

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