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Why now is the time to make customers central to your product strategy

On Demand Webinar

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to deliver your customers more product value in less time and show heightened attention to their needs. 

Join productboard and Jamie Davidson, CEO of Vitally, to discuss why making customers the center of your product strategy can increase retention and ensure business success — even in the face of a crisis. You’ll learn:

  • Strategies to better interpret and leverage customer feedback
  • How to keep a pulse on customer success via product metrics and behavior
  • Hacks to get the bottom of what customer really need and deliver value, quickly

Thank you and enjoy the on-demand webinar

About Jamie Davidson

Jamie Davidson is the CEO and founder of Vitally, a Customer Success platform designed with modern Customer Success teams in mind.  Formally CTO and Chief Customer Officer at Pathgather, he often treads the line between Product and Customer Success, leveraging one to enhance the other. 

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Why now is the time to make customers central to your product strategy