The Art of Managing Stakeholders & Influencing Without Authority


Picture this: You are a forward-thinking product manager with a clear product vision, strategy, and roadmap. Yet throughout the product management process, stakeholders come to the table with unvalidated requests. “This must be built”, they insist, “and right away”. 

Introducing the dangerous animals of product management. Left untamed, these (usually) well-intentioned stakeholders and situations can get in the way of your careful product plans.

To avoid being devoured, product managers must master influence without authority—an art that includes a mix of hard and soft skills. And while each animal requires a different approach, there are skills and tactics that apply to all.

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About Dean Peters

An energetic and enthusiastic innovator delivering nearly three decades of delightful user experiences, Dean Peters is a product manager and recovering software engineer working across numerous domains and technologies. He is passionate and experienced in product management, agile, artificial intelligence, coaching, analytics, cultural transformation, mobile, natural language processing, search, software engineering, and team leadership. Find him at

The Art of Managing Stakeholders & Influencing Without Authority

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