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Achieve Product-Market Fit with Outcome-Driven Innovation, Tony Ulwick

May 9, 2023

Achieve Product-Market Fit with Outcome-Driven Innovation, Tony Ulwick

Many of you have tried popular approaches to innovation that encourage hypothesizing, iterating, and pivoting, only to find that “failing fast” rarely leads to success. Innovation doesn’t have to be a guessing game where achieving product-market fit depends on luck.

Here’s the question: Is there a method you can use to conceptualize products and features you know your customers will love before you even begin developing them?

Join Productboard on May 9th at 8am PT/11am ET/5pm GT as our guest speaker, Tony Ulwick, the pioneer of Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory and inventor of the Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) process, explains how to:

  • Think about markets, needs, opportunities, and segments through a new lens
  • Define, capture, and prioritize customer desired outcomes—the inputs that transform innovation from an art to a science
  • Discover authentic segments of customers with different unmet needs
  • Define the most efficient path to growth
  • Achieve product-market fit with a breakthrough product concept before development begins

Take away key insights that you can immediately apply to your product management practices, and de-risk your innovation process.