11/24 Clinic: Getting started as a contributor

Nov 24, 2021
7:30 am

11/24 Clinic: Getting started as a contributor

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • As a CSM, my customers’ feature requests seem to disappear into a black hole and never get built.
  • During Sales calls, my prospects want to know what’s on the roadmap, but I’m not sure whether our roadmap is up to date – or whether it even exists
  • As a member of the Marketing team, when new features ship, I wish I could close the loop with those customers who requested them.
  • I’m being asked to design a “highly-requested” feature – but I need more context to design the right solution.

As a contributor, Productboard makes it easy to share front-line requests with your product team, so they can build the right features for your customers. In turn, you’ll be able to share your team’s roadmap with customers – even customize it for their specific needs! Design and Marketing teams can use Productboard to access rich contextual data around features: who wanted it? what language did they use to ask for it? what’s their use case? who would be interested in giving an interview?

During this 30-minute session, we’ll walk you through submitting feature requests into Productboard; finding useful information for customer calls, design sessions, and release announcements; and how to access and customize your product team’s roadmaps.



Please note: During this clinic, our Customer Success team will be available to answer live Q&A – bring your questions! If you have questions about using Productboard after this webinar is over, please reach out to our Support team via support@productboard.com

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