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Fireside chat: Navigating a career in product

Mar 17, 2022
8:00 am

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Fireside chat: Navigating a career in product


Creating great products takes great people, and becoming a great PM and advancing in your product career can take many different paths. and we all have questions like:

  • As you advance what are some of the paths you can take?
  • How does the role differ and change across companies and at different stages of growth?
  • How do you decide when is the right time to change roles or move up?
  • What kind of experience is important to gain?

We don’t often get to hear the stories of people who have approached their career growth or navigated change until years down the road after they’ve “made it”. Now’s your chance

For this event, we’re bringing together three people from our Product Makers community — Rachel, Sam, and Sam — for a casual fireside chat, to hear how they approached their career growth, navigated change from product managers to product leaders, and learn their tips and suggestions on how to grow in your career and become a competent, passionate, and skilled product leader.

Our speakers

Sam Gioia

Sam Gioia recently stepped into the role of Director of Product at Dubsado, a business management platform. She started at the company in 2018 on the education team, and when the company began to organize a formal product team in 2020, she became the first product manager.

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown is a product leader who’s been focused on building consumer fintech experiences. Rachel has launched 0-1 products at early-stage startups (Series A/B), led conversion at growth-stage companies (Series C/D), and contributed to product strategy for global financial institutions. Rachel is a Group Product Manager on the product team at Altruist, an LA-based fintech and previously worked Tala and at EY.

Sam Kawtharani

Sam is is an experienced Product and FinTech leader and the VP of Product at Railz – a FinTech building the largest financial data network and a board member at Liquid Avatar. Previously, Sam worked in product roles at Intersect, as a founder at Corl, and was the Head of Product at IOU Financial.