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3/5/20: Discovery in Product Design


3 Angel Square


United Kingdom


Mar 5, 2020
6:30 pm

3/5/20: Discovery in Product Design

About this Event

We will uncover topics from design, research and PM perspective.


Caroline Wilcock – senior user researcher at Bulb

“Nobody wants to build the wrong thing. Through discovery research, we can reduce risk and build products that meet people’s needs and that they’ll actually use. By researching in-context where people would actually use your product, we can discover what people actually do (not what they say they do). We’ll focus on practical tips on how to run in-context discovery research and how discovery research translates into impact.”

Pavel Hamrik – product designer at Productboard

Charting territories: Continuous product discovery

“Sketchy discovery. It’s dangerous to make decisions in the dark, to navigate in uncharted territory. Or is it adventurous, thrilling, even ‘agile’? Most importantly is it the right way to build products that matter?

Just like the adventurers who live to tell their stories, we should be smart about product discovery and keep charting problem spaces as we boldly deliver our solutions.

We’ll talk about kickstarting discovery by not starting it from scratch, about keeping a firm, brisk cadence of learning about our customers’ needs, so that we become the true scholars of our markets and adjacent territories.”

Sol Wright – product manager at Cuvva

Shifting mindsets: Internal product discovery

“As companies, we spend huge amounts of time and money researching, developing and improving product features. So why is it that, when it comes to the products used by our employees, we often think it’s acceptable to do the bare minimum?

Although it’s difficult to map employee experience directly to revenue – and hard to see an immediate impact when investing in your internal tools – the benefits can be exponential. Better UX leads to happier employees who can work faster and more efficiently. More efficient employees can deal with more customers and release products at a faster rate.”