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2/9/22 Productboard Backend Meetup

Feb 9, 2022
6:00 pm

2/9/22 Productboard Backend Meetup

Stay home, stay safe, but stay connected to the community! 🙌

Join us for our next online meetup. We’ll be talking Backend and have put together an awesome program for you at our first Meetup of 2022!

Talk 1: Project Loom – the future of JVM parallelism

Speaker: Lukáš Křečan, Software Engineer at Productboard

Description: If you really need to scale your application or have long running requests on JVM, you either have to use reactive programming or coroutines. It solves the scalability problem but you have to pay quite a substantial price for it. Reactive code is much harder to debug and reason about. Oracle prepares Project Loom that will let you have your cake and eat it. We will walk through different parallelisation paradigms and will show that Project Loom is a real game-changer.

Talk 2: Changing the mindset around development

Speaker: Jan Kalina, Back End Developer at Applifting

Description: Finally!!! You have an opportunity to work on a new project with a popular technological stack you have been hearing about and been dreaming of… Kotlin, reactive programming, microservices…

But are YOU truly ready for it?

Without genuinely understanding the concepts behind the new technology, you might end up robbing yourself of all the benefits it brings and perhaps even wish you have never switched to it.

So let’s talk about the importance of adapting your mindset and how it might look like if developers bring their “old” way of thinking to a new project with a few practical examples from java developers switching to Kotlin


6:00pm — Welcome

6:05pm — Talk 1: Project Loom – the future of JVM parallelism – Lukáš Křečan

06:35pm — Talk 2: Changing the mindset around development – Jan Kalina

The talks will be live-streamed, and the recordings will be available online afterward.

We are really looking forward to seeing you! 🙌