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C. Todd Lombardo on the strategic role of product roadmaps


C. Todd Lombardo has made a number of fantastic contributions to design and product, authoring books like Design Sprint, Product Roadmaps Relaunched, and his forthcoming title Product Research Rules.

Join us for a live webinar where we dive into the strategic role of roadmaps in product organizations. You’ll learn:

  • The attributes that excellent roadmaps have in common
  • How to balance representation of outcomes vs. outputs in your roadmap
  • How product research influences roadmapping

Thank you and enjoy the on-demand webinar

About C. Todd Lombardo

C. Todd Lombardo wears many hats, all at once: author, designer, scientist, professor, and visualizer. After beginning his career in science, C. Todd shifted his focus to product and design, ultimately innovating, designing, and managing products for countless companies large and small. Currently, he is VP of Product at MachineMetrics.

C. Todd Lombardo on the strategic role of product roadmaps

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