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Supercharge your product team with AI

Improve product decisions and ship faster with AI that’s fully integrated into your product management platform.

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Make the right decisions

Build the right solutions, informed by thousands of data points intelligently synthesized by AI.

Improve PM productivity

Complete tasks in an instant that used to take hours. Delegate work to AI and win back time for strategic thinking.

Ship faster. Way faster

Accelerate entire phases of the product lifecycle by prioritizing 
& validating ideas in days, not months.


A wealth of user insights behind every feature idea

Fully-automated feedback categorization identifies user insights and links them to related feature ideas so they’re on-hand to inform every product decision.

For deeper analysis of the needs behind a feature, use AI-powered search to surface additional user insights, no matter the exact wording a customer used.

Productboard Feature: AI feeback categorization


Stay on top of emerging customer needs

Monitor all trending feedback topics in one place and drill in to any topic for a summary of what customers have been saying about it.

Productboard Feature: AI Feedback Trend Monitoring


Write feature briefs in minutes

When specifying a feature, ask AI to summarize related customer needs distilled across all your feedback. Or ask AI anything you’d like and instantly insert its response
in your spec.

Productboard AI is always there for any other writing task you’d prefer to delegate.

Productboard Feature: AI Feature Specification


Review feedback in seconds

Instantly get the gist of any piece of feedback with AI summaries that surface the most helpful product insights in long threads and conversations.

Productboard Feature: AI Summaries of User Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it

Productboard AI - Testimonial Video
Director of Product Operations

Christopher Fox

Director of Product Operations, Dashlane

With Productboard AI we’ve seen an increase in our processing rate of notes jump from only 50% to remaining steady at above 80%. And for those notes we process, we see the same 30% improvement for how many of those are getting linked to Productboard features in our backlog, which helps us increase our confidence in our prioritization and overall strategy.

Director of Product Operations

Will Womble

CEO, Umbrage (Bain & Company)

All of our clients are looking into AI to boost productivity or bring intelligent digital experiences to their customers

Director of Product Operations

Iiro Nurmi

Product Operation Manager, Smartly

With Productboard AI we can summarize insights instantly and find new patterns from the feedback easily, rather than summarizing each note manually. This process can be used to summarize hundreds of notes at the same time, which was not possible previously.

Director of Product Operations

Jo-Shan Lee

Product Operation Manager, Adevinta

We really look forward to being able to better organize customer insights and for the AI to help us aggregate data into different clusters.

Director of Product Operations

Kraig Clark

VP of Product, Arena (PTC)

We’ve fallen in love with Productboard’s AI capabilities, which are incredibly useful for identifying and summarizing feature related insights, saving our team countless hours of manual work. Productboard has been one of the best software investments we’ve made, as it helps to align the needs of our customer facing teams with the features we are planning for and building.

Director of Product Operations

Katharina Voigt

Product Manager, ToolTime

We've always been big fans of Productboard and how it helps us to prioritize upcoming features and initiatives based on user feedback, but with Productboard AI the experience has become even better. Despite the increasing number of insights due to our growing user base, we are still able to process all of them with a feasible time investment and good quality thanks to the AI features.

Director of Product Operations

Mikal Johnsen

R&D Manager, SmartDok

Productboard AI has proven to be a powerful and innovative tool, ideal for our software development, particularly when managing input from a vast amount of customer feedback. It simplifies our process of locating and understanding customer insights, which is essential when evaluating candidate features. Since categorizing and prioritizing feedback across teams can be challenging, Productboard has consistently evolved, regularly introducing updates that significantly ease the workload for myself and other product owners in SmartDok.

Director of Product Operations

Felipe Mury Botelho

Lead Product Operations, Zenchef

Productboard AI has allowed us to collect, triage, and make decisions based on feedback from hundreds of restaurants across six countries and in eight different languages. It doesn’t matter how many languages my PMs speak; with Productboard, all feedback is valid and quickly digested.

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Frequently asked questions

For which plans is the Productboard AI add-on available?

Productboard AI is available as a paid add-on for customers on the Pro, Scale, and Enterprise plans. Please reach out to your account team on how to add Productboard AI to your workspace.

What AI do you use for Productboard AI?

Productboard AI is powered by OpenAI’s solutions. If you choose to use Productboard AI, you agree to OpenAI being a subprocessor of your data. For more information, please review Productboard’s AI Terms and list of Subprocessors. You can find more details about OpenAI’s data security, privacy, and compliance on OpenAI Security Portal.

How will my data be used?

Your data in Productboard is subject to all of our standard security controls and data protection practices. Productboard will not use your data to train and improve models for other customers. We also do not permit our third-party subprocessors to use your data to train their Al models. Productboard only sends the data necessary for the AI functionality to work on a per-feature basis – more detail here.

How is Productboard AI different from other AI tools?

Knowledge workers today have many options when it comes to AI. But for product teams, here’s what makes Productboard AI special:

  • Unparalleled combination of data: our AI taps into the wealth of data you already have inside Productboard, from customer feedback to data associated with feature ideas – to unlock new value not possible with generic tools.
  • Fine-tuned to the product management job: already optimized for your day-to-day work, based on modern best practices.
  • Built in to your flow of work: easily connect the dots, and immediately use AI outputs within your product management system — for example by instantly generating a product brief for a feature idea based on related user insights found in customer feedback.