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Productboard AI summarize the problem

Build the future, faster, with AI

Productboard AI draws upon a unique combination of data inside Productboard to help you analyze feedback at scale, work faster, and deliver what customers really need.

AI Topic Summaries

AI Topic Summaries

Understand customer needs, instantly

Analyze insights at scale through AI summaries of topics across all your feedback.



Write feature specs in seconds

Automatically draft specs that draw upon existing customer requests.



Surface valuable product feedback in long conversations

Find hidden gems in support conversations, emails, and message threads with AI-generated summaries.

Uncover your next big idea

Find insights related to any idea or feature.
Work smarter with Productboard AI
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Frequently Asked Questions

For which plans is the Productboard AI add-on available?

Productboard AI is available as a paid add-on for customers on the Pro, Scale, and Enterprise plans. Please reach out to your account team on how to add Productboard AI to your workspace.

What AI do you use for Productboard AI?

Productboard AI is powered by OpenAI’s solutions. If you choose to use Productboard AI, you agree to OpenAI being a subprocessor of your data. For more information, please review Productboard’s AI Terms and list of Subprocessors. You can find more details about OpenAI’s data security, privacy, and compliance on OpenAI Security Portal.

How will my data be used?

Your data in Productboard is subject to all of our standard security controls and data protection practices. Productboard will not use your data to train and improve models for other customers. We also do not permit our third-party subprocessors to use your data to train their Al models. Productboard only sends the data necessary for the AI functionality to work on a per-feature basis – more detail here.

How is Productboard AI different from other AI tools?

Knowledge workers today have many options when it comes to AI. But for product teams, here’s what makes Productboard AI special:

  • Unparalleled combination of data: our AI taps into the wealth of data you already have inside Productboard, from customer feedback to data associated with feature ideas – to unlock new value not possible with generic tools.
  • Fine-tuned to the product management job: already optimized for your day-to-day work, based on modern best practices.
  • Built in to your flow of work: easily connect the dots, and immediately use AI outputs within your product management system — for example by instantly generating a product brief for a feature idea based on related user insights found in customer feedback.