Prioritize features in Productboard, then push them straight into for delivery integration

Connecting product discovery
and delivery

Prioritize the features your customers really need

Use Productboard to prioritize the features that will best support customer needs based on real user feedback.

Push prioritized features straight into delivery

Improve your productivity by seamlessly pushing prioritized features into Track each Epic’s delivery status from one place in Productboard.

Help developers deliver the optimal solution

Align your developers around the business context and customer needs behind every feature they’re working on. Anyone can navigate between a Epic and its associated Productboard feature in a single click.

Product at Tidelift | Productboard

“Productboard’s integration ensures the teams are aligned. With, Product and Engineering leadership knows what’s being worked on, the current status, and can zero in on any unexpected blockers.”

Product at Tidelift

Easily keep both systems in sync

The two-way integration improves workflows from product discovery through delivery.

Why you need both product development
and product management tools

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