Research repository

Understand what users need

Use the Research board to consolidate user research and user feedback streaming in from a number of sources. Spot trends and identify patterns.

User insights

See who needs what... and why

Highlight interesting insights in user research & feedback and link them to related feature ideas. For each feature, see everyone who’s ever requested it and exactly what they said.

Feature backlog

Keep your backlog manageable

Outline feature ideas according to the user needs they address, or switch to a flat list view to sort them by priority. Maintain peace of mind with a manageable product backlog.

Strategic drivers

Indicate which features support each strategy

Define the strategic criteria you’ll use to make prioritization decisions. Visualize how features support key product & company objectives and watch the most promising features rise to the top.

Prioritization score

Surface features with the most strategic importance

Calculate a custom weighted score for each feature based on how well it aligns with strategic drivers. Sort and filter features to surface the most promising ideas.

Strategic initiatives

Define milestones aligned with your objectives

Group complementary features into initiatives, representing projects that support particular objectives. Move beyond one-off feature prioritization and ship new products, interfaces, and experiences users didn’t even know to ask for!

Prioritization matrix

Visualize feature priority

Prioritize features within an initiative by visualizing their strategic value versus estimated complexity. Drag and drop features to the correct zone of the matrix, then decide on a final priority: must-have, should-have, or nice-to-have.

User impact score

Identify top-requested features

Auto-generate a score for each feature that indicates how well it meets the needs of your users, based on the user insights you’ve categorized on the Research board. Zero in on features users have requested lately.

Task management

Track key deliverables and milestones

Track the status of tasks that are common to many features, like designs, mock-ups, marketing collateral, or documentation. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks as your launch date approaches.

User segmentation

Know who you’re building features for and why

Trying to please everyone means pleasing no one. Keep track of which features meet the needs of which market segments (like SMB vs. enterprise) or user personas (like a business-savvy user vs. technical user).

Competitive analysis

Dominate the marketplace

Score features based on how well they will help you compete with other players in your space. Filter by competitor to prioritize features most likely to attract and retain users who are at-risk of adopting another solution.

Effort estimates

Target high-value, low effort features

Ground your ideas in reality by tracking the complexity involved in bringing them to life. Incorporate effort into each feature’s Prioritization score.

Release planning

Decide what to release when

After prioritizing features, use the Releases board to fine-tune your plans and decide when to release each feature to your users.

Status monitoring

Know the status of every feature idea

Track feature progress from ideation through delivery in a special view for teams that practice Kanban, continuous delivery, or dual-track Agile. Customize the stages each feature moves through to match your team’s workflow.


Earn buy-in for your plans

Share your roadmap with colleagues and invite them to see criteria that went into your prioritization decisions – even the original user feedback that inspired each feature in the first place. Export your roadmap to PDF to share it with customers and other stakeholders.


Preserve existing workflows

Consolidate feedback spanning sources like Intercom, Zendesk, email, and hundreds of other apps via Zapier. Use the productboard extension for Chrome to gather user insights from customer-facing colleagues across your organization. Preserve engineering workflows by integrating productboard with agile project planning tools like JIRA, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker.


Discuss feedback and ideas with your colleagues

@mention colleagues in a comment to start a discussion about a piece of user feedback or a feature idea. Share context with colleagues to earn their trust. Get alerts when important user feedback arrives or new features are created that relate to your product.

Customizable boards

See the right data at the right time

productboard contains a series of customizable boards that help you manage the information required for making decisions during each stage of the product management process: understanding user needs, capturing ideas, prioritizing features, planning what to build when, sharing the roadmap, and monitoring each feature’s progress toward delivery. Take advantage of productboard’s intuitive drag-n-drop interface to reconfigure the boards to match your team’s needs.