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“We have accelerated our software development process with Productboard.”

Albert Tai CEO



“Hospitals are complicated.” That’s what Albert Tai said when he started shadowing physicians around during their workdays. “They carry four or five pagers, and there’s no way for them to know who’s actually on call that day. They get really frustrated.”

Like many industries, healthcare has been slow to modernize. Pagers, fax machines, paperwork, and other relics of decades past still dominate a majority of hospitals. Physicians spend up to half their time on administrative tasks, which can have a significant negative impact on their patients’ health. Albert also noticed that physicians were desperately looking for alternatives. Some of them used WhatsApp to create their own small clinical “networks,” but still didn’t have the ability to communicate with the broader hospital staff and medical community.

And that’s where Albert saw a huge opportunity to unify care coordination across organizations. Hypercare, his three-year-old startup, enables real-time collaboration so clinical teams can serve patients better and more efficiently — all in an experience that medical staff actually find engaging. Clinicians can securely message one another, easily locate on-call colleagues, and access teammates both inside and outside the hospital.

Albert uses Productboard and is such a superfan that he reached out to us via Twitter to see if he could pop by our San Francisco office. We enthusiastically agreed. There’s nothing we love more than meeting Productboard enthusiasts in real life.

We love you too, Albert ?

During Albert’s visit, he was happy to share how the Hypercare team is using Productboard to build products that their customers love. This is his story.

Getting the right products to market, faster

“We have accelerated our software development process with Productboard.”

As co-founder and CEO of an early-stage startup, Albert assumes many different roles. With responsibilities spanning product management, engineering, and design to sales and marketing, he truly is a jack-of-all trades. Albert loves Productboard because it relieves him of the logistical and project-management focused tasks that he used to find himself mired in. Now, he is free to spend valuable time on strategic and creative aspects of all these roles instead.

Back when he tracked everything in Excel, the Hypercare team created individual Google Docs to track upcoming features and the reasons why they were being built. The lack of a single source of truth meant that Albert had to involve himself in weekly sprints with engineers. He spent an additional one to two hours each week aligning the team on granular, feature-related tasks that were slipping through the cracks.

Since adopting Productboard, Albert focuses his time on the Features board to track all features that enter the delivery stage. “I don’t have to involve myself in sprint planning anymore,” he told us with relief, “and I don’t remember the last time I logged into Jira. Productboard saves me a ton of time.”

An additional bonus? “When I’m pitching to a hospital — because I do sales too — I don’t over-promise anymore because I can look at Productboard and know exactly what features are in the pipeline.”

Interpreting feedback from multiple customer segments to make focused product decisions

“We find that a lot of competitors in the enterprise healthcare space have products that users aren’t happy with. I want to use Productboard to stay on top of all user and administrator feedback and build a product that people actually love.”

Hypercare has multiple customer segments that actively contribute feature ideas and requests. With information funneling in from all angles, Albert turned to Excel to find method in the madness:

“We were gathering feedback in an Excel sheet because I wanted to systematically think about the pros and cons of each feature. It turned into a chaotic nightmare. The Excel sheet was way too long and complicated. It was hard to update and impossible to see the overall picture.”

Excel clearly wasn’t cutting it. What Albert needed was a holistic view of all customer inputs so he could surface trends and see what was being requested the most. Instead of spending time getting to understand his customer, he had to spend time making Excel work. Fortunately, he found a better solution using our Insights board. Using it, Albert is now able to organize and prioritize what was once a chaotic nightmare.

With a much clearer view of his users, Albert can better determine what features to build next. Hello data-informed product decisions, goodbye gut instincts and a shaky reliance on memory.

He hasn’t touched an Excel sheet since.

hypercare Productboard collaboration

Rallying everyone around Hypercare’s long-term vision with flexible roadmaps

“I love how I can create different roadmaps for different organizations.”

Albert appreciates being able to create different views of his roadmap with Productboard. It allows him to convey his long-term vision in a way that is relevant to Hypercare’s various stakeholders.

For example, whenever enterprise customers inquire about the functionalities they requested, he filters through tags in Productboard to find the information they want (he tags functionalities based on the organizations that have requested them) and presents that view to them.

“I don’t have to look at my Excel sheet and try to create a new graph or chart [for a roadmap], which takes forever. It’s super efficient when I have lots of different things on my plate.”

For Albert, the flexibility Productboard enables is critical — “this [flexibility] is something I try to incorporate into Hypercare, and it’s a challenge. It’s hard to create something that’s flexible and uncomplicated. Productboard really nails this with the Roadmap board.”

A customer-focused future

Bringing delightful products into the enterprise healthcare market is no easy task. And at Productboard, we can certainly relate to what he’s trying to do. Creating a product that helps replace a bunch of old tools that weren’t designed for today’s needs is what drives both of us.

That’s why we’re so excited to see Albert and his team creating the kind of delight with his customers that we want to see in ours. Albert may be a self-proclaimed superfan of ours, but we’re a bigger one of his.

.     .     .

Productboard is a product management system that enables teams to get the right products to market faster. Built on top of the Product Excellence framework, Productboard serves as the dedicated system of record for product managers and aligns everyone on the right features to build next. Access a free trial of Productboard today.


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