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Customer Insights, Feature Prioritization

CoConstruct, a software platform for custom homebuilders and remodelers, has always put the customer at the center of their product so the company wanted a tool that allowed them to surface the right insights to build the right features for their customers.


When Than Sidwell first started working at CoConstruct as a product designer, he saw a need to build better products with a data-driven approach. At the time, sales and support were storing notes from customer conversations in spreadsheets and Google Docs and the scattered customer inputs soon became difficult to manage. Too often product decisions seemed to be based on gut instincts and memory, rather than precise evidence from specific customer conversations and support tickets.

Than envisioned a solution that would empower his team to be more candid and uninhibited about the conversations they had with customers and would allow the product team to identify whether a feature was the right one to pursue based on feedback.

Why productboard?

Than evaluated several solutions before landing on productboard but found that none of the other tools connected user insights with the roadmap and prioritized features based on what customers actually needed.

“productboard provides our product team an aesthetically pleasing, neat and organized way to sort, process and tag user feedback and score features accordingly. We’re able to see all of the requests customers make in one central repository on the Insights board through the integrations with Zendesk and InfusionSoft. We can tag and prioritize features based on what’s important to the users and use that to drive the roadmap while also having the flexibility to have different views for different stakeholders.”

If the value of productboard was clear from the start, it must have been because CoConstruct counts customer-centricity as one of its core values.


productboard has allowed CoConstruct to rethink their entire feature research process. When the company dives into a feature, they know exactly which customers need it and why. As a result, CoConstruct has sped up product development, allowing them to get to market around 30% faster, and eliminating the need for costly rework in the prototyping and building phase.

“productboard has transformed the way CoConstruct operates by giving us confidence in our roadmap, underpinned by insights. Since implementing productboard, we have been able to develop more products and features faster and deliver more targeted value to our customer base because we have confidence in what opportunities to pursue, a stronger understanding of how to implement, and a tighter/clearer feedback loop by matching our efforts with customers who have specific requests and requirements for them.” – Paul Sanders

Moreover, sales and support feel like they have an active role in contributing to product strategy which motivates them to continue providing valuable insights from the front lines.

With this level of customer insight and organizational alignment, CoConstruct is well poised to eliminate chaos in the day to day and create rewarding building experiences between homebuilders, remodelers, and their customers.

productboard is the product management solution that helps teams understand what users need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around their roadmaps. It’s the solution of choice at modern, customer-driven companies like CoConstruct — organizations with passionate teams dedicated to making products that matter.

CoConstruct provides custom home builders and remodelers with web-based and mobile apps to simplify the key areas of selections, scheduling, change orders, client/vendor communication management, to-do and warranty item management, files & photos, and more.