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What are your top-requested features over the past 7/30/90 days?

What are your top-requested features over the past 7/30/90 days?

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What we’re all up against

How many times have you been in a meeting where a colleague said:

“We’ve just got to build [ feature X ]… everyone’s asking for it!”

After closer inspection, it turns out three customers happened to ask for feature X this week, and one of them was especially… emotionally charged… over it not already being in the product. Meanwhile, its strategic importance pales in comparison to feature Y, which solves needs continually (but sporadically) voiced by tens of users in your target segment over the span of several months.

Now consider how often this closer inspection never takes place. The team gets straight to work trying to please the largest, loudest customer — building whatever they’ve asked for most recently rather than addressing subtle user needs. In doing so, they miss a valuable opportunity, and we should all be wary of making the same mistake.

Data drives excellence

productboard has always helped product managers take a data-driven approach in deciding what to build next based on clear prioritization criteria. With the latest updates, you now have even more actionable information on hand during complex product decisions:

  • Sort your feature ideas in a flat list based on their User impact score, Prioritization score, driver values, or the values in a custom number column.
  • Filter feature ideas based on the type of user feedback that’s been linked to them: e.g. Show me only features that have been requested with critical importance in the past 30 days.
  • Save views of particularly helpful board configurations that incorporate how you’ve arranged, sorted, and filtered your features. Valuable insights will always be just a click away.

See how it works for yourself! ?

And that’s not all. We’re always shipping functionality that helps ensure productboard is the dream all-in-one product management tool for teams across the globe. ? See what else is new.

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