Scott Baldwin is someone who absolutely enjoys life. In our eBook, The Path to Product Excellence: Stories and Advice from the Field, Scott talks about his most delightful day, which includes a jazz-filled evening with wine and friends. As a product manager, he’s also always on the lookout for how to replicate that sense of delight in the products he builds.

“Moments in life like these are always delightful. As a product manager, I often struggle to find that same sense of delight in the products I’m using or sometimes even in the ones I build on my own. But when I do, it’s a remarkable joy often captured in a single detail, a small interaction, or a thoughtful, timely touch that’s instantly memorable and often unforgettable.”

For Scott, it’s important to explicitly prioritize delight as a critical piece of the product development process.

“Whether you work in B2B or B2C, spending even a bit of effort on delight will drive improvements in your key AARRR metrics (acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral).”

In the eBook, he offers examples of a few companies who make delight a core part of their customer experience and a few tips on how to measure and include delight into your product. Investing in delight provides for a great customer experience, and Scott also says that you should let your team know when your customers experience delight. It helps everyone understand that investment you’re making.

To get Scott’s tips on how to invest in delight and an excellent recommendation for a fantastic jazz album, get our eBook! You’ll also find more stories and advice from product experts such as Dan Olsen, Kat Kennedy, and Hiten Shah.

Monty Mitra Mar 4, 2019