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Good vs. bad roadmaps (Infographic)

Good vs. bad roadmaps (Infographic)

“A good roadmap is a strategic communications tool, a statement of intent and direction, and, done well, a way of rallying the whole organization around the key problems that must be solved to achieve your product vision.”

Bruce McCarthy
Founder at Product Culture

Almost everyone can agree on the importance of user insights and a well-defined strategy, but the role of the roadmap is much more complex. What should the best product roadmaps accomplish (and avoid)? Who should get access to the roadmap and how much detail should they have? Are roadmaps a relic of the past that are unnecessary in today’s agile world?

Let’s start by outlining what a product roadmap should (and shouldn’t) be. Grab your suitcase and let’s start on a road trip. You’ll learn what it takes to build excellent roadmaps by taking the express lane along with the mistakes you can make by taking wrong turns and accidental detours.

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