Collect user inputs from customer-facing colleagues

Over the past several years, we’ve worked with hundreds of product organizations who use productboard to gather inputs for making smarter product prioritization decisions. One thing stands out about those that are most successful…

The most successful product teams actively seek out good ideas from every corner of the organization.

It seems self-evident, but why do so many continue to pass up this opportunity? As Gusto’s product lead Anand Subramani recently pointed out, the allure of being a lone wolf product genius is strong. It’s fun to think of product prioritization as a dark art, but if colleagues don’t know how it works or how they can best contribute, our prioritization “process” will really just be guesswork.

Harness the knowledge of colleagues who communicate with customers every day

The fact is, in the time it takes us to coordindate one user interview, our colleagues on support, sales, and marketing speak with ten customers. They are truly the user experts, so why not enlist them as an extension of the product team?

At productboard, we’ve set out to help product teams do just that. With the latest updates, you can get customer-facing colleagues involved in a whole new way:

  • Colleagues on support, sales, and marketing can submit user insights using the productboard extension for Chrome.
  • Colleagues can tag user insights and see what other features a user has requested, without logging into productboard.
  • Colleagues can categorize user insights in notes they’ve created or route them to the right colleague (by @mentioning or assigning note ownership).
  • Product managers can see which notes have been created by colleagues who have the contributor user role.

The product team will get more user insights to inform prioritization and design, with less time required to proceess them. Colleagues will appreciate being able to share their findings and see evidence of their contributions impacting product decision-making.

Ready to get your team started with the new Chrome extension? We’ve compiled some resources to get you started!

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