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Easily capture feedback, identify actionable insights, and infuse the voice of the customer into every phase of the product lifecycle.

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Inspire great ideas with actionable user insights

Learn what’s most important to customers and track how their needs evolve — all while zeroing in on the customers, segments, or product areas that matter most to you.

Inspire great ideas with actionable user insights

Collect all your customer feedback in one place

From Zendesk support tickets to Gong call recordings to Slack messages. Put these tasks on autopilot: capture, curate, and route feedback with a centralized system.

Work on the right bets backed by real customer data

Confidently inform, validate, and communicate product decisions. Understand the needs of your most important customers with sorting, filtering, and segmentation.

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Solve customers’ burning needs and continuously improve products with a dedicated space that helps you stay connected to your community. Partner with customers from your target segment to validate your ideas and deliver the optimal solution.

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