Product Excellence Summit 2022: Oct 4th, 2022 — Online and in-person in San Francisco

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Systematically turning users into customers during & after COVID: A conversation with Wes Bush

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Good onboarding is the difference between a user who stays or one that never comes back — it’s mission-critical for any SaaS business. Yet, in a pandemic, most of your signups will try your product and never return.

To help you turn this around, Wes Bush, author of Product-Led Growth, will walk you through a battle-tested onboarding framework. You will learn:

  • What onboarding mistakes you’re likely making and how to overcome them
  • Ways to identify bottlenecks in your current onboarding experience
  • Tips for building an onboarding experience that turns free users into happy, paying customers
  • How to develop a plan of attack to consistently improve your onboarding

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About Wes Bush

Wes Bush is the founder and CEO of Product-Led Institute. He is the bestselling author of Product-Led Growth: How To Build a Product That Sells Itself and is one of the most sought-after product experts in the world. After working for some of the world’s fastest growing companies in the world, today he runs a successful consulting business where he trains teams around the globe how to turn their product into a growth engine.

Systematically turning users into customers during & after COVID: A conversation with Wes Bush

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