Product Excellence AMA hour with Hubert Palan and Rachel Wolan

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We are excited to introduce “Product Excellence AMA hour,” a series of open format Q&A discussions with some of the best thinkers in product.

Rachel Wolan, VP Product at LiveRamp, and Hubert Palan, founder & CEO of productboard, join us as guests in our opening episode. Register now and tune in for a transparent conversation about the uncertain times we are in and how the product management community can navigate through it together.    

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About Hubert Palan

Hubert is the founder and CEO of productboard. the leading product management system that enables product teams to get the right products to market, faster. Prior to productboard, Hubert was the Vice President of Product Management at GoodData. He lives with his wife Jenna and their two young sons in the San Francisco Bay area.

Product Excellence AMA hour with Hubert Palan and Rachel Wolan

About Rachel Wolan

Rachel is a seasoned product executive, bringing over 17 years of experience in B2B SaaS product, engineering and analytics. Rachel is VP Product at LiveRamp and owns global product management for all commercial products. Prior to LiveRamp, she ran product at Euclid and Talkdesk. Before that, she spent several years in product and engineering roles at Facebook, HP and Say Media.

Product Excellence AMA hour with Hubert Palan and Rachel Wolan

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The Product Excellence AMA hour is a new weekly webinar series from productboard. In open format Q&A discussions, we aim to provide a forum for the product management community to exchange ideas with experts and peers from all industries. Tune in every Tuesday to get the inside scoop on all things product management! 

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