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VP Product Andrej Danko on planning winning product strategies in times of crisis

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Announcing the second episode of “Product Excellence AMA hour,” a series of open format Q&A discussions with some of the best thinkers in product.

Andrej Danko, VP of Product & Design at productboard, will join us for a lively discussion about planning product strategy in a fully remote environment. Register now for insights on what it takes to lead high-performing product organizations in times of uncertainty.

About Andrej Danko

Andrej Danko is VP Product at productboard, overseeing strategy, product management and design. “It’s a meta-job,” as he puts it, because product is essentially everything. He believes that humans in the loop make all the difference: whether its training machine learning systems, coaching people to become great in what they do, being mentored, or building great products together to make this world a better place.

VP Product Andrej Danko on planning winning product strategies in times of crisis

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The Product Excellence AMA hour is a new weekly webinar series from productboard. In open format Q&A discussions, we aim to provide a forum for the product management community to exchange ideas with experts and peers from all industries. Tune in every Tuesday to get the inside scoop on all things product management! 

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