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Product discovery best practices for product leaders — a discussion with Hope Gurion


We conduct product discovery because we want to build customer-centric products and reduce the risks around what we decide to build. But how do you overcome common discovery mistakes and challenges? And more importantly, how can you mobilize your entire product organization to conduct product discovery that is actually effective?

Join us for a live webinar with Hope Gurion, product discovery expert and leader at Fearless Product. We’ll cover all the tools, techniques, and mindsets product leaders need to start conducting excellent product discovery. 

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About Hope Gurion

Hope Gurion founded Fearless Product LLC to serve as a coach to product leaders and product teams seeking growth through customer-centric, evidence-based strategies.

She has led more than 40 B2B and B2C product teams throughout her career. She was Chief Product Officer at CareerBuilder and SVP, Product Management at Beachbody. She led several verticals as a product and business leader at AOL. When she’s not building great products and product teams, she sharing best practices on product leadership topics through the “Fearless Product Leadership” podcast to help product leaders shorten their learning curves.


Product discovery best practices for product leaders — a discussion with Hope Gurion

How do modern product leaders build products that people love?

As product managers, we all want to achieve excellence in our craft. But what constitutes an excellent product in the first place? What strategies, processes, and mindsets are employed by the world’s best product makers?

In our Age of Product Excellence webinar series, you’ll get an inside look at what it takes to build today’s most beloved products — from vision to strategy to execution.